Scorpio Season: Embracing Shadows

Updated: Apr 23

I no longer feared the darkness once I knew the phoenix in me would rise from the ashes.

- William C Hannan

As we progress towards the colder, darker months, we continue to slow down, turn inwards, and reflect in this dark and fertile void.

While Libra Season highlighted the ultimate moment of planetary equilibrium, with light and dark in perfect symmetry, Scorpio Season begins to tip the scales into darkness.

Scorpio exudes a powerful and transformative energy that challenges us to be unsatisfied, discontent, and uncomfortable with living anything but our most authentic lives. It understands the co-dependent relationship between the opposing forces of dark and light, appreciating that we exist most completely when we embody both.

As such, this season prompts us to plunge headfirst into our shadow selves; we do not bury, but rather, we unearth our secrets and fears allowing our true essence to shine through.

In fact, Scorpio embodies the regenerative theme of death and rebirth with its developmental journey mirroring our own soul’s evolution.

Scorpio begins as the Scorpion or Spider, ruled by instinct, emotion, aggression - driven to feed the ego with little to no awareness of the soul.

As Scorpio becomes more aware, it matures into the Snake, shedding its skin to reveal its true identity, and the Eagle, who exercises greater intellect and a discerning eye that penetrates to the soul’s core; we begin to awaken to our soul’s purpose.

In its most enlightened stage, Scorpio transforms into the Phoenix or Dove. This is Scorpio at its highest octave – the embodiment of powerful love, healing, and regeneration. At its best, Scorpio as the Phoenix transmutes darkness into light, experiencing deep and profound transformation by boldly probing into dark and uncomfortable areas.

We constantly experience these cycles of transformation, with some lasting hours, others lasting years. We are repeatedly presented with opportunities to grow and move forward, to shed our leaves, and allow our new growth to extend to the light.

What cycles are you experiencing?

Are you the Scorpion? The Snake? The Phoenix?

Sometimes we hold onto things too tightly, fearing what might happen if we let go and wondering if we might become different. Some of us fear the void – that emptiness we experience after something has changed – that hollow space that’s left after something has died. But remember, just as a plant needs room to grow, we, too, need space to bloom.

Notice what you have been clinging onto with tight fists. And then notice what has been unable to come through because there has been no space to do so.

Free yourself.

Say goodbye.

Let go.

Make peace with that death.

Take a breath. Notice the stillness in that void, but also the fullness and fertility – the infinite space for possibility. We may feel we are surrounded by darkness, but aren’t seeds buried in the soil before they can emerge into the light?

We are constantly changing and evolving. What is holding you back from your true purpose and self?

Embrace your inner power. Face your shadows and all that no longer serves you.

And then say goodbye as you light them on fire.

Remember, the phoenix must first burn before it rises.

What will rise from your ashes?


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