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Join us as we hold space for you and others. Monthly gatherings promote healing through community and support, alignment of soul and spirit, and recognition and acceptance of both our shadow and light selves so that we are able to walk, together, as more complete manifestations of our truest, most authentic selves.  


Overall, most people experience a state of deep relaxation during the session, however, everyone’s experience is different. Some report feeling sensations (e.g., warmth, cold, tingling, pulsing, shaking) over certain parts of their body or seeing different colors. Others experience emotional releases or feelings of floating in the air. Sometimes the session is relatively uneventful, though clients typically acknowledge feeling “better” than before.


Because Reiki helps the body “do what it needs to do,” some people may feel boosts of energy while others may feel more tired later in the day; both experiences are completely normal and are part of the body’s natural healing response.  You may also notice other changes (e.g., deeper sleep, improved mental clarity and decision-making, less anxiety) throughout the following week.

Please refer to our Reiki Aftercare Tips for more information.

Meditating on Beach


If you have been enjoying our group sessions and would like to make a donation, we are gratefully accepting donations in any amount.


We are honored to be part of your journey and hope you'll continue to join us. 


Individual sessions provide more time to focus on the individual's specific healing needs. 

All sessions are currently being offered remotely due to the COVID-19 crisis. Because Reiki is a universal energy that transcends both space and time, your experience will be the same, regardless if your session is provided in-person or remotely.

I have been fortunate enough to take part in Emme and Courtney’s distant group Reiki sessions and I can’t emphasize enough how potent and powerful the collective Reiki they offer is. I regularly would feel like a weight had been lifted off my chest and in absolute bliss following one of their Reiki sessions. As a Reiki practitioner myself, I can swear that they are the real deal, their connection to the divine and their ability to heal is absolutely preeminent. The Reiki insights that they offer following the sessions were also very informative and often carried messages that I needed to hear in order to continue on my path towards healing and enlightenment. I am so grateful for these two divine spirits and anyone would be lucky to begin their journey of healing with Emme and Courtney!  

Mirko L.

I no longer feared the darkness once I knew the phoenix in me would rise from the ashes.

William C Hannan

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