Virgo Season: Space to Grow, Space to Bloom

Updated: Apr 23

The most crucial task is to forge more life into your day. This does not mean new to-dos; it means less. It means creating space to think, walk, eat, sleep, read, love, dream. – Brendon Burchard.

While the end of Summer can often feel frenetic with shifting seasons and schedules, the current atmosphere is rich with grounding energy as the majority of planets are transiting the earthly signs of efficient Virgo, stable Taurus, and practical Capricorn.

In fact, most planets, including the Sun, are currently in Virgo, calling us to commit to finding balance, purity, authenticity, and space within our lives to make the most of our experience.

The Universe is asking us to embrace Virgo’s energy to purify and detox. Virgo is a detailed-oriented perfectionist known for her idealism, commitment to service, and impeccable work. Virgo reminds us of our calling – what are we meant to accomplish in this lifetime to move forward in our soul’s journey?

On a practical level, this can manifest as starting something new in relation to work, health, or service – a new job, new diet, or new idea – streamlining your daily routine, optimizing health regimens, or decluttering your physical space.

On a soul level, this cosmic energy helps us be discerning and honest as we edit our lives; we cleanse and release destructive partnerships, habits, and thought patterns to prioritize our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing and remove what is blocking us from living most authentically.

Just as a plant needs room to grow, we, too, need space to bloom.

Holding a space for others, and especially yourself, allows you to become present – to simply be and to witness that which is. It creates an environment in which healing, growth, and transformation can occur. It’s where the magic happens. It’s where you find yourself.

While Virgo energy can sometimes lead to being overly critical and analytical, albeit with the best intentions, learning to hold space helps us create an area of non-judgement, openness, and unconditional love. And it’s in this safe space that we see our gifts and our flaws equally. We learn to embrace our shadows, understanding light has no meaning without darkness. We see ourselves for who we really are, at a soul-level, at this very moment – and through that profound awareness, we see who we can become – into who we can evolve.

Virgo’s idealistic nature seeks perfection and greatness, but it is through owning who we are – our experiences, our relationships – that we can find authentic power and true significance. After all, we are stardust, carriers of the timeless stars and the infinite Universe.

Finding space within ourselves gives us greater awareness, clarity and insight into our life’s – our soul’s – plan, teaching us to prioritize and adjust, let go of preconceived standards, and embrace the perfectly imperfect as the new ideal.

I’ve talked before about the space between– how those words were literally calling to me, appearing in my thoughts, meditations, dreams, and journals. When I took the time to create space for myself, through spiritual practice and mindfulness, I met my most true self and the infinite potential and Universe within. I was able to heal, grow, and awaken.

During this Virgo season, I challenge you to create and hold a space for yourself – to simply allow life to happen and unfold – to witness your thoughts and actions without ego or judgement. Build a space of pure acceptance of who you are in this moment. Be whoever you need to be right now and allow your soul to beautifully express itself however it needs to. Empower your inner voice to emerge from the stillness of this space and bring you rich guidance and deep meaning.

Now is the time to embrace Virgo’s purifying energy to release that which is holding you back from your most authentic self - but do so with loving kindness, grace, and ease. Take the time to focus on yourself, recognizing this as a time to awaken your own innate healing ability, and knowing that you must care for yourself first before caring for others. Be gentle with yourself as you prune toxic areas in your life so you have enough space to grow, and enough light to bloom.

If you have trouble creating that space, allow me to meet you in your sacred space, in your in-between. I will share the light of the healer within me and the divine energy of the cosmos to hold that space for you until you are ready to step into your own light, embrace your power, and awaken your inner healer.

Know that you are absolutely perfect as you are.

Just as a flower grows roots in its space and seeks the Sun, turn towards the light, open yourself to possibility, and bloom.

I can't wait for you to share your beauty with the world.


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