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To see and be seen - that is the truest nature of love.

Brene Brown


Rhys + Rei is a soul-centered business founded on the principles of fire and passion (Rhys) and universal spirit and light (Rei).


Based on her own experiences with universal consciousness and energy, Courtney founded Rhys + Rei to empower others to explore their spiritual path to discover their fullest potential and confidently step into their power. While Courtney is the soul of Rhys + Rei, Emme is its spirit and divine inspiration. Together, they weave their collective gifts and experiences into a set of intentional offerings designed to help you more deeply connect with yourself and walk alongside others with intention, purpose, and meaning.


We clear your energy to connect you with your own innate healing ability. We confirm your ancestors are still guiding and supporting you so you can find peace and radiate love. We coach you to connect you with your life's purpose so you can envision and create the life you truly desire.

You are here for a reason and the synchronicity of our parallel journeys invites us to walk with you

As we continue on our own journey towards authentic self-expression and truth, we are committed to supporting and encouraging you as you travel along your own unique path. Together, we continue as parallel souls on a parallel journey towards our collective truth.

love over fear. faith over doubt. service over ego.



Reiki Master-Teacher, Intuitive Channel


Courtney received her MA in Developmental Psychology, concentrating in Adult Development and Aging, and BS in Psychology, minoring in Biology. She has several years’ experience in complementary and alternative medicine research and has published multiple presentations, journal articles, and book chapters on integrative medicine, wellness, and cognitive aging topics.


With over 500 hours of yoga teacher training and certifications from two different interdisciplinary programs, Courtney is certified to teach a variety of different yoga styles. She is also a certified Integrative Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, with training in Ericksonian and classical forms of trance work, neuro-linguistic psychology, as well as past life regression. Courtney's offerings typically include an intuitive mix of her own personal practices and experiences with yoga, meditation, Reiki, consciousness, and spirit work and are designed to empower clients to access the unconscious mind and deep altered states for dynamic, multi-level transformation and healing across body, mind, and spirit. 

Connect with Courtney and read more about her journey here



Intuitive Channel, Reiki Master-Teacher, Sound Healer


Emme is currently pursuing a BA in Sociology with a concentration in Consciousness and Well-Being. She is extensively versed in studying human connection and highly trained in spiritual development. Her spiritual practices include daily prayer and meditation, spirit communication, Reiki, and yoga. 


She uses her gift as a medium to facilitate a connection between the physical and spiritual realms, communicating with Spirit in the forms of receiving intuitive information, empathic channeling, and automatic writing.


She works personally with the Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides, and Ascended Masters to deliver messages about loved ones, life events, and purpose to facilitate closure and healing. Because this gift was quickly activated within her, she believes this blessing is part of her divine, higher purpose.


Connecting clients with loved ones to deliver messages of lasting love and support not only brings her great joy but also deep fulfillment and spiritual growth.

Connect with Emme and read more about her journey here.

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