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all that is, ever was, and will be


Our readings deliver channeled messages from Spirit. Insights can come from your higher self, loved ones who have passed away, spirit guides (e.g., archangels, ascended masters, elemental spirits, deities), animals both Earth side and on the Rainbow Bridge, as well as lives and memories from previous incarnated lifetimes. 


Messages will come from those that you need to hear from most at this precise moment in your soul's journey to give you clarity into current life situations and prompt healing and closure.

During readings, messages will be channeled to either provide insight into whatever you are seeking to know or provide additional guidance and support within the context a healing session.

Image by Mc Jefferson Agloro



Readings involve remote, two-way communication with your furry friend. Sessions are structured to provide energetic healing as well as answer any questions you may have for your friend and share any messages your pet may have for you. Particularly helpful for behavioral issues, chronic illness, and palliative/hospice care.

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Readings channel messages from your higher self, loved ones, spirit guides, and/or past lives that you need to hear from most. They can provide insight into current situations, promote clarity and healing, and deepen your connection with the Universe to achieve clear and loving guidance.

Crystal Ball



Receive both Reiki as well as an intuitive reading that includes any channeled messages from Spirit that you may need to hear at this precise moment of your soul's journey.


Additional spiritual practices (e.g., crystals, tarot, sound healing, astrological insights) are intuitively added to best support and amplify the healing process.

Courtney shared she saw a woman with red hair who's name started with "M." I truly had chills and was immediately comforted as I had lost my Aunt Margaret (with red hair) quite abruptly and unexpectedly just 6 days prior.

Annabella D.



You will be given the opportunity to share what specific questions you hope to have answered. While we can try to contact a specific loved one, sometimes other Spirits will come through based on relevance and importance. Messages will be channeled for an hour and all insights will be emailed to you.

Fragile Pampas

I am without form, without limit, beyond space, beyond time. I am everything, everything is in me. Everywhere am I.

Swami Rama Tirtha

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