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Aries: Beginning, Again

The magic in new beginnings is truly the most powerful of them all.

– Josiyan Martin

This past weekend we observed the Spring Equinox, a time in which both light and dark hung in perfect equilibrium - the point at which we celebrate rising from the darkness of winter and prepare to face towards the light. The Equinox also coincides with the birth of Aries and thus the beginning of the Astrological New Year.

As the cosmic manifestation of beginnings, and the “light of light itself,” Aries, despite its fiery persona, also has a childlike innocence that is almost blissfully unaware of any potential challenges and expects life to be simple and easy. This allows Aries to so fearlessly and passionately pursue that which it desires. Bursting forth with ideas and plunging forward on new paths, Aries the Pioneer has an unparalleled sense of excitement and enthusiasm for the journey.

Believing they can manifest anything with little effort, Aries is known for its fire and spark which often motivates and ignites the inner fire of others around them to, if nothing else, begin again.

In fact, as the Zodiac wheel of life begins with Aries, and thus, the birth of self, Aries reminds us of who we innately are. Fiercely independent and confident, Aries teaches us the importance of self-confidence and wholly trusting in ourselves and our experiences.

Gifting us with a blank slate, Aries reminds us that all we ever are is changing. We are constantly evolving and shifting, passing through different transformative cycles as we shed layers, skins, and masks to become new versions of ourselves.

True, while we always have the capacity to change, create, and re-invent ourselves, Aries gives us the courage to do so.

With the change in seasons comes an air of freshness and possibility. Aries, like Spring, represents new life and birth. It asks us to be courageous and brave as it inspires us to begin that which we have been desiring, no matter how difficult doing so may seem.

In fact, I had spent years vacillating between the seemingly opposing scientific and spiritual parts of myself, unsure of which side was the “real me” and struggling to pick and commit to the “right” side.

It wasn’t until my Natal Chart confirmed I was destined to embrace Aries’ fearless energy of self-discovery and inner growth that I felt empowered to do just that.

I remember being almost frantically and feverishly excited as I worked on what I consider the manifestation of embracing my soul’s purpose, connecting with my soul tribe, and allowing all parts of myself to co-exist and work in tandem as I set out on a new path, as a new version of myself.

And so, not only was Rhys + Rei born on the Spring Equinox two years ago, but also a more complete and authentic version of myself – one that might not have emerged had I not been so fervently inspired to do so.

This is the magic of Aries. It inspires us to bring to light our desires without reservation and as if nothing stood in our way and nothing else mattered.

During this season, I challenge you to fully align with who you know yourself to be. Find inner stability and grounding as you turn towards the light this Spring with fresh perspective and renewed hope.

Surrender to the spontaneous and impulsive nature of Aries as you allow yourself to be uninhibited and untamed, to awaken with new ideas and inspiration, to fall in love with possibility, to courageously blaze new trails, to dare to fully and unapologetically bloom.

If nothing else, to allow yourself to begin again.

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