Libra Season: Seeking Balance

Updated: Apr 23

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.

– Carl Jung

While we worked on creating space during Virgo season, we now turn our attention to finding balance as we enter Libra, a time in which the stars are concerned with peace and harmony. Symbolized by the scales, Librans are diplomatic and fair, driven by their need for interpersonal and aesthetic consonance.

These themes of balance were mirrored in nature earlier this week during the Autumnal Equinox, the ultimate moment of planetary equilibrium, when light and dark hang in perfect symmetry as we transition from the light of summer to the dark of winter.

As the Earth begins to shift into a more dormant state, we, too, turn inwards as summer activities wind down and we prepare for a quieter, stiller time. True, the seasons remind us of the cyclical nature of our own spiritual growth. Just as the earth moves through periods of growth, harvest, death, and rebirth, so do we.

Fall asks us to take stock of where we are. What have we harvested? What else needs to be completed to manifest and harvest the seeds we planted earlier this year? This is a moment of both growth and death. Earth’s crops are gathered as nature begins to withdraw into winter, and we ask ourselves what needs to be released – what, essentially, needs to die - so that we can be reborn?

As we continue to move towards darkness, we begin to face our shadows. For every bit of darkness, there is a bit of light. Utilize Libra’s mediating energy to maintain this delicate balance, knowing that we cannot live fully in the light without acknowledgement of our darker side. Over expression of either will tip the scales – too much darkness fosters hopelessness and fear and too much light can bring delusion and confusion. The brightest lights cast the biggest shadows - we need both to be complete, to fully experience, to fully be.

Be honest with yourself as you bring your shadows into the light this season. Facing and accepting our limitations and fears allows us to free ourselves from them and take back our power.

Doing so brings self-confidence and self-worth, empowering us to speak our truths and live authentically. In fact, Librans are known to sacrifice their own wants and needs for the sake of maintaining harmony with others, but it is finding inner stability within ourselves that is most important.

Once we achieve that, and establish a strong sense of self, the rest, including relationships with others, and with the Universe at large, will naturally follow.

As we continue through Fall, I encourage you to utilize Libra’s energy to practice the yogic idea of Santosha, or complete contentment and acceptance, part of our path to self-realization and a prerequisite to experiencing peace. Through embracing our shadows, our essential darkness, we also acknowledge our light. We become less concerned with what is broken, and more aware of how the cracks allow our light to shine through.

We acknowledge, we accept, and we adjust. Our hearts – our souls – become full, so much so that nothing internal or external can throw off our balance.

Rather than seeing our dark and light selves as separate entities, we see the totality of our entire being. And we are content.

It’s through that profound acceptance of ourselves, just as we are, for all that we are, that we find that inner peace, that Santosha, that freedom – and with that, we –our entire essence – become that much brighter.


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