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Star Chart readings go beyond your basic Sun Sign and provide a glimpse of where all the celestial bodies were at the exact moment you were born and how those planetary placements impact different aspects of your life.


We offer the following 3 types of readings; see Types of Readings for more detail.

  • Comprehensive Natal Chart Readings that describe how relationships between universal energies contribute to your unique personality.
  • Solar Return Readings that provide insight into themes and areas of your life that may be more prominent in the upcoming year.
  • Celestial Point Readings that provide a quick glance into key areas of karma, power, destiny, life purpose, as well as spiritual wounds, and challenges.See Types of Readings for more detail.


Depending on your selected reading, you will recieve a 2-20+ page report that discusses themes presented in your chart as well as a copy of your natal (birth) and/or solar chart.


Please be sure to include your:

  • Date of birth (month, day, year)
  • Time of birth (exact time or 2-hour estimate)
  • Place of birth (city, state, country)


All information is confidential and will not be shared. 


Note that readings are not meant to be a predicative tool, but rather a guide to help you gain deeper self-awareness into motivating forces behind your growth and evolution.

Star Chart Reading

  • Comprehensive Natal Chart Reading

    This reading is an in-depth analysis of your chart that describes the significance of planetary placements and examines how the relationships between these universal energies contribute to your unique personality. It can promote a deeper sense of self-awareness, providing meaningful insight and clarity about your soul’s purpose and evolution.


    You will receive a 15+ page report that discusses the planetary placements in your birth chart, the significance of their zodiac sign and house placements, and how they impact your personality.


    Solar Return Reading

    This reading focuses on your next year around the Sun – who you are for the birthday year ahead. It can help you examine new perspectives as well as provide insight into themes and areas of your life that may be more prominent in the upcoming year. 


    You will receive a 2-4 page report that discusses overall themes for your next year, reflecting on areas of growth, psychological feelings, and motivations, which can manifest differently and on many levels.


    Celestial Point Reading

    This type of reading provides a cursory interpretation of a single point in your star chart. 


    You will receive a 1-2 page reading that discusses your chosen point (see options below) and. how it may impact your personality and life’s purpose.

    • Lunar Nodes of Fate represent your soul’s growth. The South Node of Past Karma represents karma from past lifetimes that you’re meant to resolve, while your North Node of Future Destiny represents your next experience for soul growth or your soul’s mission. Understanding these points can provide powerful insight into what you are meant to accomplish in this lifetime to further evolve spiritually.
    • Chiron the Wounded Healer can reveal areas of hidden pain, fears, and difficulty from previous lifetimes that may hold you back in your current life. While this can signify deep spiritual wounds, it can also represent your greatest spiritual strengths; understanding Chiron’s placement can help you not only identify insecurities but also overcome and master them to help others resolve similar problems.
    • Saturn the Great Teacher represents karma from a previous life that we failed to recognize and have brought into this life to overcome. These are areas of fears, challenges, and restrictions. Understanding our Saturn placement reveals how we can identify blockages, face adversities, and ultimately learn and grow so that we can create a more rewarding existence.
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