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Spiritual Closets and the Space Between

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

To discover the mode of life or of art whereby my spirit could express itself in unfettered freedom. 

– James Joyce, Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man

I’ve regularly struggled to balance my left vs. right brain interests - logic vs. creativity, reason vs. emotion, reality vs. imagination. In fact, I got my degree in both science and art, and although I worked in evidence-based research, I was fascinated by the meta-physical. Despite this, I often internalized this passion; maybe I feared the “bigness” of these topics or that others would think it was too “airy fairy.” Either way, I was dimming my inner light.

While I’ve always felt a deep yearning for something, these restless feelings became overpowering a few years ago. It was also around this time that a single phrase was constantly appearing in my thoughts, dreams, journals, and meditations:

I’ll meet you in the in between.

It felt significant, but, like the expanding unsettled energy I sensed, it seemed I was building up to something I had yet to know and comprehend.

I eventually booked a Reiki appointment in the hopes of alleviating this anxiety and gaining some mental clarity. I left that first session feeling renewed – I didn’t have answers to what I was searching for, but I felt calmer, more settled, and more in control.

Over the next several months, I found myself diving deeper into spiritual topics and studying the intuitive arts – I practiced yoga, Reiki and energetic clearings, past life regressions, intuitive development and readings, autonomic writing, hypnosis, and meditation. As I immersed myself in these practices, I began to live more intentionally.

The more I learned, the more frequently I began to see signs from the Universe (repeating numbers, random encounters and thoughts, well-timed song lyrics, visions in meditations and dreams) that encouraged me to keep going, to keep searching, to keep learning.

My explorations culminated in an analysis of my Astrological Natal Chart which confirmed spiritual fulfillment, particularly as a means of creativity and self-expression, was essential to my being. The Lunar Nodes of Fate suggested I had mastered the analytical and logical in previous lives; this life was meant to take a leap of faith and embrace Aries’ fearless energy of self-discovery and inner growth.

Bridging the gap between reason and intuition and giving form to the abstract and ethereal would allow me to grow and evolve. Although the Universe’s signs had essentially been telling me I was on the right path, understanding my chart gave me the final validation and push I needed to confidently live a more authentic, soul-based life.

In retrospect, I’m not surprised I found myself in the stars. I’ve always been drawn to the heavens.

I even wrote my college app’s personal statement about Van Gogh’s Starry Night (which, by the way, features the Aries constellation) and how it made me feel like a part of something bigger– as if I was standing on the edge of eternity.

A place that felt like everything and nothing, light and dark, stillness and movement, all at the same time. And in between all of that - limitless beauty and potential.

And so, Rhys + Rei is a manifestation of reconciling my dual-sided nature, embracing my soul’s purpose, and allowing my rational and spiritual sides to co-exist and work in tandem as I step out of the spiritual closet and fully reconnect with my inner light.

It’s here, in the in between, that I meet my most true self - my higher self. That I experience that infinite beauty and potential. That I find the Universe within.

Our souls are gently nudging us – whispering to us in dreams and sending messages through signs and synchronicities. Leading us to where we need to be. Encouraging us to free ourselves from what keeps us from living authentically and to rebuild our creative selves to express who we innately are.

You, too, were led here for a reason.

For those of you who are unsure, or who may be in the spiritual closet – allow me to meet you in the in between.

It’s time to acknowledge how far you’ve come and all that you already are – all that you’ve always been.

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