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the lustrous, dusty material between the stars




Readings are designed to show you a map of your stars and provide an in-depth analysis of your stardust. Interpretations are comprehensive, reflecting on how the elements of the cosmos collectively influence and add further depth to your life, promoting deeper self-awareness and helping you remember who you are at a soul level.

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Snapshots provide you with a brief overview of a celestial point of your choice, which can provide insight into key areas of karma, power, destiny, life purpose, as well as spiritual wounds and challenges. While other relevant areas of your chart may be briefly discussed, this is not a comprehensive reading as it only focuses on your selected point. 

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Readings focus on your next year around the Sun, highlighting who you are for the year ahead and - reminding you that personal change is natural as you continue to evolve. They reflect areas of growth and internal motivations as well as provide insight into themes and areas of your life that may be more prominent in the upcoming year. 


Astrology studies the heavens and stars above to understand how they affect our lives here on Earth. 


The Sun, Moon and planets travel across the cosmos and zodiac constellations. Each exerts a specific energy and governs certain life areas. Understanding the planets and their placements within the zodiac constellations can reveal key aspects of your personality, including what you may already know about yourself, as well as more hidden and complex intricacies of your nature.


While you may be familiar with your Zodiac or Sun sign, this is just one part of who you are. Your Astrological Natal Chart goes beyond your basic Sun Sign and provides a glimpse of where all the celestial bodies were at the exact moment you were born.

Comprehensive Natal Chart



The Comprehensive Natal Chart Reading is an in-depth analysis of your astrological natal, or birth, chart that describes the significance of planetary placements and examines how the relationships between these universal energies contribute to your unique personality. It can promote a deeper sense of self-awareness, providing meaningful insight and clarity about your soul’s purpose and evolution. 

Clients often report their reading confirmed what they have always known, and perhaps, have always been too afraid to acknowledge. This can provide a new perspective, sense of peace, and understanding as well as a greater sense of validation and confidence.


You will receive a 15+ page report that discusses the planetary placements in your birth chart, the significance of their zodiac sign and house placements, and how they impact your personality.

Note that natal charts can also be created for the moment a business was “born” to provide a map of the soul of your business. Learn more here

Birthdays typically usher in a new phase into your life and are marked by the time the Sun returns to the exact place it was at the precise moment of your birth.


The Solar Return Reading focuses on your next year around the Sun and who you are for that birthday year ahead.


Readings can help you examine new perspectives, as well as provide insight into themes and areas of your life that may be more prominent in the upcoming year. They primarily reflect areas of growth, psychological feelings, and motivations, which can manifest differently and on many levels. Like our other readings, it is not meant to be a predicative tool, but rather a guide to help you gain deeper self-awareness into motivating forces behind your growth and evolution.

You will receive a 2-4 page report that discusses overall themes for your next year around the Sun as well as a copy of your Solar Return chart.

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Solar Return
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A Snapshot provides you with a quick glance into key areas of karma, power, destiny, life purpose, as well as spiritual wounds, and challenges.

Note that these readings provide a cursory interpretation of your selected point; the Comprehensive Natal Chart Reading will provide a more thorough and well-rounded analysis that considers how elements of the cosmos collectively influence and add further depth to your life.  

Select from one of the celestial points below. You will receive a 1-2 page reading that discusses your chosen point, how it may impact your personality, and insights about your life’s purpose.



While your Sun sign represents your personality, the Lunar Nodes represent your soul’s growth. The South Node of Past Karma represents karma from past lifetimes that you’re meant to resolve, while your North Node of Future Destiny represents your next experience for soul growth or your soul’s mission. Understanding these points can provide powerful insight into what you are meant to accomplish in this lifetime to further evolve spiritually.


Chiron the “Wounded Healer” can reveal areas of hidden pain, fears, and difficulty from previous lifetimes that may hold you back in your current life. While this can signify deep spiritual wounds, it can also represent your greatest spiritual strengths; understanding Chiron’s placement can help you not only identify insecurities but also overcome and master them to help others resolve similar problems.


Our Saturn placement represents karma from a previous life that we failed to recognize and have brought into this life to overcome. These are areas of fears, challenges, and restrictions. Understanding our Saturn placement reveals how we can identify blockages, face adversities, and ultimately learn and grow so that we can create a more rewarding existence.


Black Moon Lilith depicts the dark void, as it marks the furthest point of the moon’s orbit around earth at the time of our birth. It represents our innermost shadow selves, the part of ourselves we shame or hide. Examining our Lilith placement can reveal our repressed sexual desires, our primitive impulses, our vulnerabilities, and in turn, our deepest powers. 

Courtney is the best astrologer I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know, and the birth chart that she wrote for me has been the most accurate and concise birth chart synopsis I’ve had done. The way that Courtney writes is clear and beautiful, and the way she explained my cosmic placement was easy to understand and relate to. She emphasized specific sections in my chart which I believe are the parts of me that are naturally highlighted throughout my personality. I’m so grateful for Courtney for writing my birth chart because it has helped me know myself better and has highlighted inherent strengths within my soul to acknowledge and build upon. I would recommend Courtney to everyone, especially those wanting to dive deeper into getting to know themselves on a more spiritual level, or anyone generally interested in understanding astrology better.

Emelia D.

Biz Natal Chart



The Business Natal Chart Reading describes how celestial energies contribute to the heart and soul of your business. 


Readings are designed to give you a fresh perspective on your business, providing key insights regarding marketing, branding, and communication strategy, financial energy, business development, potential for success, as well as strengths and challenges. Intuitive interpretation and guidance are also included to empower you and your business to shine, find meaning, and ultimately, achieve both personal and professional fulfillment. 


Businesses are often manifested over a long time frame. Think about what date feels like the true start of your business, and if possible, search through emails or receipts to find an exact time of establishment. Examples of birth days include: 

  • Moment you committed to your business vision/idea  

  • Registration of your business name

  • Purchase of your web domain 

  • Public launch of your business

  • Receipt of first paying customer  

Researching and Writing

Never forget your real identity. You are a luminous conscious stardust being forged in the crucible of cosmic fire.

Deepak Chopra

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