The Business Natal Chart Reading describes how celestial energies contribute to the heart and soul of your business. 


Readings are designed to give you a fresh perspective on your business, providing key insights regarding marketing, branding, and communication strategy, financial energy, business development, potential for success, as well as strengths and challenges. Intuitive interpretation and guidance are also included to empower you and your business to shine, find meaning, and ultimately, achieve both personal and professional fulfillment. 


Please be sure to include your businness':

  • Date of birth (month, day, year)
  • Time of birth (exact time or 2-hour estimate)
  • Place of birth (city, state, country)


Examples of business birth days include: 

  • Moment you committed to your business vision/idea  

  • Registration of your business name

  • Purchase of your web domain 

  • Public launch of your business

  • Receipt of first paying customer  


All information is confidential and will not be shared. 

Business Natal Chart Reading

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