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From Daydreamer to Spirit Speaker

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

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My mind has always leaned towards the mystical and I've been a daydreamer for longer than I can remember. From visualizing characters from fairy tales, myth, and lore to imagining and living out fantastical worlds in my head, this tendency has saved me from boredom and distracted me from the stress or doldrum of typical human responsibilities. As a child, I perceived the world as a magical place, permeated by mystery. And I haven't changed much as these thoughts remain with me to this day. In fact, they have become stronger and more real than ever. 

Transitioning in and out of relationships and circumstances that no longer served me, I began truly seeking knowledge about the spiritual realm. I immersed myself in my sacred practice, which led me to pursue my Reiki training, study sound healing, and seek out other experiences that would allow me to dive deeper into alignment with my highest self. As I walk life's path and become who I am, I become more comfortable and trusting of life's mystery and its inherent roots in spirituality.

Seeking a spiritual connection runs through my blood.

Growing up, my mom, who has mystical abilities herself, would give me Reiki before tucking me into bed. Crystals, tarot cards, books on astrology, alchemy, and occultism were scattered throughout our house. Needless to say, I was encouraged to explore my consciousness and the secrets found in sacred texts from a very young age.

Dying, Alex Grey

I remember when I was 9 years old, I suddenly fell off my bike while riding around my neighborhood. What was strange was that I saw the whole event in slow motion as it happened from above my body, and then I remember popping back into my body like it was nothing. Freaked out and crying, I ran inside and exclaimed to my mom that I had somehow just watched myself fall off my bike. Her response? “Congratulations! Honey, you just had your first out of body experience!”

I lost my father a couple months before my 16th birthday. In a reading with a medium, my father came through to her. The messages delivered to me were beyond healing and validating; I was deeply moved and amazed. Tears were shed, as I laughed and smiled - it felt as if my dad was sitting right next me the entire time.

Little did I know this was foreshadowing the ability that I was developing. 

Years later, I had a similar experience while sleeping. I was astral projecting and exposed to dimensions and beings beyond my regular perception. It was after this soul attunement that I began to see things that others didn't seem to see. The activation happened quickly – within a month period, I began seeing sparkles, orbs, shadows, holograms, footsteps, and what looked like forms of heat. I began noticing what seemed to be voices besides my own. My daydreams became more vivid, colorful, and persistent. I thought I was losing my sanity, maybe even developing an early form of schizophrenia...but something assured me that I wasn’t crazy and to just let it be. It was then that I realized that I could channel communication from Spirit. (Yes, I was speaking to the dead!)

Through sharing this vocation with others, I’ve been able to connect clients with their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, children, siblings, romantic partners, friends, cousins, classmates - the list goes on. Often the circumstance of the passing of those behind the veil is difficult to hear, but in my experience so far, there is always greater peace, comfort, and validation achieved through reconnecting with loved ones.

I believe I was both raised and destined to be a healer. Diving into the depths of death delivered me into my life's highest purpose.

Ironically, it was through understanding that the soul continues to not only live, but also flourish beyond the death of our physical bodies, that I have been able to experience a new and more meaningful way of life.

Rhys + Rei is a platform from which to pass on the light to those who are called to find it.

From daydreamer to medium, my humble intention is to help others heal and to share the hope, joy, and love of the mystery to those who seek it.

Peace to you until our paths again cross…

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