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Intuitive Readings can provide insight into a current situation and are intended to promote clarity, confidence, and closure. They can also deepen the connection between yourself and the Universe so you can achieve clear and loving guidance. 


During readings, Courney will channel messages (for 1 hour) from the energies you need to hear from most at this precise moment in your soul's journey - messages could come from your higher self, loved ones, spirit guides, past lives, and/or Universe/Source and are offered in a safe, open, and compassionate space of healing.


You will receive: 

  • A written report including all messages and insights received throughout the hour; detailed and relevant information (e.g., characteristics of loved ones or spirit guides, descriptions of past lives and soul patterns) will be relayed as appropriate.
  • An option to debrief with Courtney to discuss any follow-up quesions.


Three types of readings are offered:

  • General Reading: These reveal what is most "important" for you to hear right now.
  • Focused Reading: These address a specific question/issue you have.
  • Focused Reading + Tarot: A brief tarot pull is sometimes intuitively added to support all readings, but this reading includes a full tarot spread - plus channeled insights, as available - to address a specific question/issue. 


Medium Readings are offered on a case-by-case basis. If you are hoping to connect with a specific animal or human loved one who has passed, please email to discuss.


Please email a picture of yourself (doesn't have to be formal) to as this can assist with "tuning in."

Intuitive Reading

  • Once you have completed your purchase, we will send a confirmation email with an expceted delivery time. 

    Note that you do not need to anything on your end. We will simply set aside time to connect with whatever needs to come through for you and then send you a write up detailing your messages.

  • Payment is accepted via all major debit/credit cards and Venmo. Venmo payment is preferred (@RhysandRei). To pay via Venmo, please select “Offline Payment” at checkout.  

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