We look forward to connecting with you!


  • Remote sessions don't include live call-in numbers or Zoom meeting links. All you need to do is be in a comfortable place free of distractions, and be open to receiving healing. 

  • Please refrain from heavy meals and alcohol before your session.

  • Do whatever you need to set up your sacred space and be at your coziest – snuggling in a blanket, propping your knees over a pillow, wearing an eye mask, diffusing essential oils, surrounding yourself with crystals – whatever you feel called to do. It’s also best to be laying down so you can take this time to truly rest and relax.

  • During the session you may feel a variety of sensations. Each experience is unique and we encourage you to remain open to possibility throughout our time together. 

  • Feel free to use our Spotify Playlist. Ideally, play the songs in the order listed, but no problem if you can't.

  • Remote session insights will be emailed by the following day. Please refer to our Reiki Aftercare Tips for more information about processing and integrating afterwards.   


  • We recommend setting up in a relaxed, quiet, and calm environment, free from distractions. This will be your sacred space for our time together so feel free to include whatever (e.g., water, tea, candles, essential oil, blanket) makes you feel most comfortable.

  • Bring a yoga mat, any additional props (e.g., bolster, blanket, 1-2 blocks) that you prefer to practice with, as well as any other items recommended in the class description; see here for restorative yoga recommendations.

  • All participants will be muted once class begins, however, please unmute yourself should an immediate question or issue arise. 

  • Pay attention to your teacher’s cues; if you need clarification, come out of the pose to clearly see the screen rather than straining your neck while in a posture. 

  • Listen to your body and adjust/modify as needed.

  • If you have any injuries/health conditions or need to cancel, please be sure to email us beforehand.


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natal chart readings


Understanding the planets and their placements within the zodiac constellations can reveal key aspects of your personality. Natal Chart Readings analyze your cosmic DNA to promote a deeper sense of self-awareness and provide fresh perspective, meaningful insight, and clarity about your soul's purpose and evolution.

Yoga at Home


reiki healing energy


Reiki is a non-invasive, ancient Japanese healing therapy that supports and balances the body’s own innate healing energies.

Sessions are designed to facilitate profound healing by balancing your body’s energy, promoting deep relaxation, and improving health and well-being. Animal Reiki and energy clearings are also offered.

Lotus Pose

yoga and meditation



Classes emphasize meditation, pranayama, and creative sequences to create a multi-dimensional experience in which students are empowered to follow their own practice while being guided towards spiritual growth, inner healing and greater self-awareness. Classes are accessible to all levels and offer a practice that can be applied on/off the mat.

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intuitive spirit readings


Connect with loved ones, spirit guides, or past lives that you need to hear from most at this precise moment in your soul's journey. Readings are intended to promote clarity, healing, closure, inner peace, as well as confirmation that these spiritual energies are very much present and available to guide and support you throughout your evolution.

Holding Hands


spiritual guidance


Coaching sessions are designed to help you identify or reconnect with your life's meaning and purpose and harness your inner power to create actionable goals and lasting change. Sessions support deeper self-awareness and self-acceptance as you unlock all that you have always been to become all that you are meant to be.

Image by Tyssul Patel

A healer does not heal you. 

A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.

Maryam Hasnaa