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When Mercury, Ruler of Communication, stations retrograde, it enters a more dormant phase in which its energy turns inward and slows down. During this time, we may experience challenges and delays in Mercury-governed areas of communication, transportation, and technology as Mercury the Messenger simmers.


The Limited Edition Mercury Collection includes 5 natural raw crystals that help support you and navigate any potential challenges during Mercury in Retrograde.


You will receive the following crystals:

  • Amazonite: calms, soothes, and helps facilitate clear and graceful communication
  • Amethyst: relieves stress and anxiety; clears negative energy and thoughts
  • Lapis Lazuli: encourages discernment and decision-making; promotes open communication, truth, and understanding
  • Smoky Quartz point: grounds, stabilizes, protects; settles electronic issues
  • Tiger’s Eye: release fear and anxiety; brings clarity and discernment



All crystals will be stored in a hand-stamped cotton bag, along with a brief information card.

The MERCURY Collection

  • Crystals in the image are a sample. You will receive a similar set of crystals that have been intuitively chosen for you. Crystals are 1-2 inches and vary in color, shape, and appearance; they are shown with a 5 x 3 tarot card for scale.

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