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Give a little soul, spirit, and stardust. Purchase a gift card for one of our most popular services (Remote Reiki, Tarot Readings) or for an amount that can be used towards any of our other offerings (including more specific Reiki sessions).


Gift cards will be sent to your email address so that you can print or forward to the recipient of your choice.  

Gift Card


    A Tarot Reading can provide insight into a current situation and help you move forward with greater clarity and confidence. 


    Gift recipients will receive 2-3 page document including photos of the cards drawn as well as a thorough explanation of the cards and how they apply to your question. 



    Reiki is a non-invasive, ancient Japanese healing therapy that supports and balances the body’s own innate healing energies.


    Sessions are offered remotely or in the DC Metro area; because Reiki is a universal energy that transcends both space and time, your experience will be the same, regardless if your session is provided in-person or remotely.


    Sessions last approximately 30 minutes and are offered by either 1 (Courtney or Emme) or 2 (both Courtney and Emme) healers. All insights will be emailed to the gift recipient following the session.

  • Payment is accepted via all major debit/credit cards and Venmo. Venmo payment is preferred (@RhysandRei). To pay via Venmo, please select “Offline Payment” at checkout.