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I stopped looking for the light - I decided to become it instead.

When I first started receiving services from Rhys + Rei I had just gone through a very traumatic event in my life and I now think how different my life would be if I had never met Courtney. She has offered me so much inspiration within myself that I didn't know was possible. I’ve received spiritual coaching from Courtney regularly and I really don’t think it’s a service I can stop.  She is so easy to talk to and lays out things in a way to where I can see my strengths, and I can easily find the most positive way of going about life. I have found purpose and meaning to my life and learning about my soul's desire has been the most rewarding aspect of the services from Rhys + Rei. 


One of the greatest things that Courtney has given me is the confidence in my natural gifts and how I can use these for a more harmonious and balanced life. She has taught me so much about spirituality, meditation, chakras, journaling, and how my body and soul need to be given respect and love. Everything she has shared with me has led me to a deeper understanding and acceptance of not only who I am but the journey that I am on to my higher self. 


Rhys + Rei has been instrumental in everything I do today from interacting with family, friends, and the work that I do. Courtney has shown me that spirituality is multi-faceted and the effects can be seen in all aspects of our lives. I am forever grateful for finding Rhys + Rei. 

Erika S.

Courtney is the best astrologer I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know, and the birth chart that she wrote for me has been the most accurate and concise birth chart synopsis I’ve had done. The way that Courtney writes is clear and beautiful, and the way she explained my cosmic placement was easy to understand and relate to. She emphasized specific sections in my chart which I believe are the parts of me that are naturally highlighted throughout my personality. I’m so grateful for Courtney for writing my birth chart because it has helped me know myself better and has highlighted inherent strengths within my soul to acknowledge and build upon. I would recommend Courtney to everyone, especially those wanting to dive deeper into getting to know themselves on a more spiritual level, or anyone generally interested in understanding astrology better.

Emelia D.

When I first met Emme, I was instantly warmed by her wise yet child-like spirit. Later, I was wowed by her ability to connect with my grandfather, grandmother, and great aunt on the other side in crystal clear detail. Emme was able to pick up on very specific information such as a family inside joke about “toast” as well as the fact that my grandmother was a twin. I was blown away! Every message of hope and healing was delivered with grace and ease. Her gold star intuitive abilities are matched by a genuinely compassionate spirit. It is apparent that her highest purpose is to bring healing messages from the other side to our own. Knowing that my loved ones are still with me is a priceless gift I feel honored to have received. A million stars to you, Emme!

Alison W.

Last year was a difficult year for me, often leading to emotional, mental and physical stress.  I am fortunate and indeed very grateful to Courtney who has provided tremendous help to promote a powerful sense of inner calmness, and general sense of wellbeing.  These included Reiki sessions, spiritual guidance, sharing illuminating books and podcasts that have collectively helped me to slowly bounce back and connect to my inner self.  She also prepared a detailed astrological birth chart for me which really resonated with my life experiences. She has always made herself available when I needed her help.  She is a very caring, sensitive and empathetic person who helps you to relax, remain calm, and focus on the good things in my life, while being positive about solutions to current issues. Courtney is a very gifted person who truly wants to help people connect with their higher self, bringing the best out of everyone.  I consider her to be one of the valuable people in my “circle of light.” I really recommend anyone contemplating on energy healing, finding inner calm and peace, and being inspired to systematically think and see the positive out of everything in life, to meet Courtney from Rhys + Rei.  You will be so pleased with the results.

Marilou B.

I’m still skeptical of how Emme came up with all the information she did—it was too crazy, the details she knew. During my reading with Emme, she mentioned that a former girlfriend of mine had appeared to her wearing a hat. I forgot that she had worn hats often, but Emme was right, she wore one almost every day. Emme also knew when we had met in March, and even the color of her car. The messages Emme relayed were full of the love and support I needed to hear to continue healing, and I'm very thankful for the reading.

Kidus A.

Courtney made me realize things about myself I didn’t know. Her detailed readings gave me a holistic understanding of myself and I find myself more at peace with who I am and motivated to reach my full potential.

Sydney L.

Working with Courtney was amazing. I only had to give her a little information, and she in return supplied an incredibly in depth reading! I enjoy astrology but am not exactly an expert so the definitions and explanations provided throughout the report helped me interpret my reading with ease. I was laughing at some of the points because they were so spot on. It made me smile to see that certain beliefs and things I’ve been working on more and more as each year passes were highlighted in my chart. You can also tell Courtney loves what she does as she was more than willing to discuss my feelings about other parts of the report that resonated with me.  A wonderful experience that I highly recommend!

Carolyn B.

Emme’s ability to not only connect so beautifully and easily with the living, but with the passed as well, is simply undefinable. There are no words that can even begin to accurately describe the experience she brought to me during our session and continues to bring to me whenever our paths cross. Emme confirmed facts about me and those who visited me that only them and I knew about, moments and specific words that only we shared with each other. I was lucky enough to have a fallen classmate from over seven years ago visit me and the way Emme relayed the information given to her made it feel as if he were sitting right next to me, just like he did so many times before. Not only her connection with those on the other side, but the entire feeling that Emme brings, is why I would recommend her to anyone and everyone interested in an experience such as this. Thank you, Emme, for the reconnection.

Stefan V.

Emme blew me away when she gave me the reading that connected me to my grandmother who passed away two years prior. Emme said that spirit conveyed that I never got to say goodbye, which is exactly what had happened, as she passed away unexpectedly while I was out of town. While I felt guilty for not being there when she passed, Emme relayed the message that it would’ve been harder for my grandmother if I was there to see her go and remember her like that. Emme even said that she felt energy moving up from her hips, and then being flooded with the feeling of blood. My grandmother had had hip surgery a few weeks before the day that she passed, and I always wondered if the blood clot that caused her passing came from the surgery. Emme gave me the validation I needed, and everything she said resonated with me deeply and left me feeling very at peace. The reading brought me tears of joy as I realized things are as they are meant to be and I thank Emme for being another confirmation to the knowledge that my grandmother is always with me.

Caroline G.

I tried Reiki for the first time with Courtney. I thought I wasn’t going to feel anything, but I was able to feel energy and heat move around my body. After the session, I felt more relaxed and even though I usually have trouble sleeping, that night was the best sleep I’ve ever had. Since then, I’ve continued to see Courtney for Reiki treatment.

James L.

The reading I had with Emme was my first experience working with a medium. She connected immediately with my grandma and grandpa. She picked up on details about both of them that truly painted an accurate picture of their lives and personalities on Earth. I'm so grateful to Emme for giving me peace of mind, knowing that our loved ones are always around us, even if we can't see them. I would recommend Emme to anyone and everyone who is curious about connecting with deceased friends and family, or even people who just want a renewing spiritual experience.

Wesley A.

Initially, I was unsure about Reiki mainly because I didn’t even know what exactly it was or what it did. I was preparing to leave for college in a few days and thought it might be a good way to “start fresh.” The process itself was very relaxing; I felt warm sensations throughout my body and found myself falling asleep at times. That night, I was completely overcome with so many emotions (nervousness, fear, sadness) and could not stop crying. Throughout the summer I had tried to focus on being excited to start college, meet new people and live in a new city. I didn’t want to think about any of the shocks moving to a new place would entail. I believe Reiki was able to help me process these emotions that I had been internalizing - the next day I woke up feeling refreshed, clear, and truly ready to embrace this big life change. Since then, I have continued to see Courtney for Reiki sessions during school breaks. I can confidently say now that I’m a strong believer in Reiki and its wonders. I highly recommend Courtney – she is knowledgeable, spirited, and wise.

Jordan L.

I was slightly anxious going to see a medium, even one as kind and authentic as my first impression of Emme was. Her passion and professionalism quickly eased any nervousness or doubt upon my arrival, though. Her insight and energetic presence were obvious as soon as she began explaining her process as a medium. I was delighted to hear her detailed descriptions of her contact with my grandfather. She was obviously sensitive to my reactions to the reading and very comforting as she delivered the messages. Needless to say, she certainly made a full believer out of me. I would absolutely get another reading from her and would recommend her highly to anyone interested and open to what a medium has to offer.

Robert W.

My experience with Emme and our Reiki session was great. It was my first time enlisting any kind of professional spiritual service and I did not know what to expect. Emme was very helpful before, during, and after the session. She made me feel comfortable and was very professional about the whole thing. The session itself was very relaxing and made me feel very connected to myself while I did my best to open my mind to a meditative state. Afterwards, we processed the session together, which was also very helpful as Emme informed me of how I could incorporate what I had felt and learned during the session into my life going forward. I would highly recommend her services for anyone looking for guidance or relaxation!

Samuel H.

Courtney gave me Reiki and it was such a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. During our time together, I felt a calmness come over my whole body as I felt my body filling with a bright white light. I also had strep throat and felt as if my whole throat was being wrapped in a royal blue energetic hug - I felt instant relief. After our time had concluded, Courtney disclosed she felt the presence of a possible guide or spirit guide. She described her as a very elegant and serene woman standing peacefully in the room’s doorway during our session. Based on her description of the woman’s appearance and overall disposition, I believe this was my great grandmother, who I’d actually been thinking about just before our Reiki session. It was such a gift of validation to hear that she was with with me offering extra support to me and to Courtney. I’m forever grateful to Courtney for her spiritual work — she is a very gifted energy healer and a natural spiritual medium. I will definitely be seeing her again for more Reiki and other spiritual services.

Lucille D.

I had the best Reiki session with Rhys + Rei, and am feeling so blissed and blessed after an hour with Emme. Emme was so kind and nurturing and explained everything I wanted to know. I highly recommend Rhys + Rei if anyone in the D.C. area is wanting to experiment with Reiki.  

Marley T.

Although I had left a toxic job, I’d been working from home and could still sense its lingering negative energy.  Compounded by grief following several unexpected family losses and health issues, our house was feeling extremely heavy, stagnant, and stale. Emme energetically cleared our home and the impact of her work was immediate and profound. Everything felt lighter and fresher.  Significant spaces also felt energetically charged - there is an area one of our passed loved ones used to frequent and I’d been having a hard time being there without feeling sadness.  After the cleansing, I noticed I didn’t feel as heartbroken. Instead, I felt a strong, loving energy that was warm and inviting. It was as if Emme removed all the old, unwanted energy to allow more positive energies to circulate and healing to occur. I’m so grateful for Emme’s work - she’s not only given us a cleansed and invigorated space but also hope and healing.

Clare B.

Courtney regularly gives Reiki to my mom who has difficulty communicating due to dementia. She has also delivered messages from my mom’s spirit guides and my dad, who passed years ago. The uplifting messages gave us insight into my mom’s experience and it was comforting to know my dad was still here, patiently sitting in the corner of her room like he always used to. 

Laurie L.

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