the interactions between two or more energies to achieve something greater

Holding Hands



Sessions are designed to help you identify or reconnect with your life's meaning and purpose and harness your inner power to create lasting change and healing. Sessions support deeper self-awareness and self-acceptance as you unlock all you have always been to become all that you are meant to be.




Tarot Readings can provide insight into a current situation and help you move forward with greater clarity and confidence. Ask any question you feel needs to be answered at this moment and receive a photo of your drawn cards as well as an explanation of their meaning and relevance to your question.

Living Room



Clear your home from any negative, unwanted, heavy, or stagnant energy. Clearings are designed to invigorate, bringing harmony, clarity, peace, and protection into your space. In-person sessions as well as remote packages, where we empower/teach you to cleanse your own space are available


Rhys + Rei follows a holistic approach to self-healing and spiritual growth. We integrate intuitive guidance throughout all of our services so that you not only feel supported in where you are now, but also confident in where you are going. 


Together, we can connect you with who you are - who you really are - so you can confidently acknowledge and harness your own ability to heal, grow, and expand into all that you are meant to be.


$95 - 60 minutes

Sessions are designed to help you identify or reconnect with your life’s meaning and purpose and harness your inner power to create lasting change and healing. Sessions support a deeper awareness and acceptance of who you are as a unique and divine individual and can help you: 

  • Recognize and develop your own intuitive abilities, power, and inner wisdom.

  • Review and further explore issues/themes that presented themselves in other Rhys + Rei sessions and readings.

  • Feel grounded in your purpose and embrace a sense of stabiliy and security.

  • Release fear and eliminate negative patterns to live freely with confidence and clarity.

Sessions are tailored to your unique needs; contact us to discuss different options and scheduling.  





A tarot reading can provide insight into a current situation and help you move forward with greater clarity and confidence. 


You will receive a 2-3 page document including photos of the cards drawn as well as a thorough explanation of the cards and how they apply to your question. 

In general, tarot questions should be specific, but also open-ended to allow for reflection and exploration of different possibilities. Rather than asking Will, When or Should, ask What, How, and Why?

You are free to ask whatever question you feel needs to be answered at this moment, however, because your tarot reading experience is highly dependent on the quality of your question, your question may be slightly rephrased to gain the most insight into the answers you seek. 



We offer several spiritual tools to best support you in your journey.


Items are of the purest quality and highest frequency, designed to compliment our other offerings and assist with raising your vibrational energy.


We currently offer:

  • Curated crystal collections, each with a unique intention focused on promoting divine connection, purification, grounding, intuitive development, and energetic realignment. 

  • 2021 downloadable Lunar Journal that helps you flow with the moon's natural phases and notice intentional shifts in your consciousness as you step into deeper alignment with your highest, self, and strengthen your intuitive nature.  

  • Hand-bound geode journals to more deeply connect with your highest self/guides and note divine insights. 


⁣All items are infused with Reiki, hand-packed with love, and shipped in sustainable, eco-friendly packaging⁣.



Reiki energy can also be used to refresh and clear your home from any negative, unwanted, heavy, or stagnant energy to bring harmony, clarity, peace, and protection into the space. Clearings are designed to revitalize and invigorate your living space, promoting comfort and stimulating prosperity and success. 


These purifying techniques can be performed at any time for any reason, however, they are particularly helpful clearing residual energy that may remain in a new property, or negative or old energy from recent stressors and/or illness. 

We currently offer in-person Energy Clearings in the DC Metro Area as well as a Remote Cleansing Package that provides you with the tools, knowledge, and our support to cleanse your own space.



In-person energy clearings are currently offered in the DC Metro Area. They can be performed with or without your presence, though if you choose to be present, we require that appropriate covid-19 safety procedures are followed. 


Sessions are typically 1 hour depending on the size of your space. During this time, Courtney or Emme will use a variety of spiritual tools to intuitively cleanse the space of any negative or stagnant energy, identity any "trouble" areas, and "seal" the space with love and intention. Areas will also be treated with Reiki.


Prices begin at $100; final pricing is determined based on the size and location of your space. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.

White Room
Image by Milada Vigerova



This package provides you with both the tools, knowledge, and support to thoroughly bless, protect, and cleanse you own space.


You will receive:

  • ​Our REI Collection

  • 1 bundle of sage 

  • 1 hour-long interactive, live Zoom cleansing session

The live session will be guided by both Courtney and Emme and will offer the following:

  • Centering, guided meditation, and intention setting 

  • Overview and tutorial of cleansing ritual and tools

  • Walk through and cleansing of both indoor and immediate outdoor spaces to include:

    • Support and guidance as you carry out the cleansing ritual in each space

    • Treatment of each space with Reiki

    • Identification of any missed and/or “trouble” spots 

  • “Sealing” the house

  • Opportunity for optional brief discussion and Q+A

Note that this package focuses on empowering you to cleanse your own space. Please review our Energy Clearings if you prefer your space to be cleansed by either Courtney or Emme. 

When I first started receiving services from Rhys + Rei I had just gone through a very traumatic event in my life and I now think how different my life would be if I had never met Courtney. 


She has offered me so much inspiration within myself that I didn't know was possible. I’ve received spiritual coaching from Courtney regularly and I really don’t think it’s a service I can stop.  She is so easy to talk to and lays out things in a way to where I can see my strengths, and I can easily find the most positive way of going about life. I have found purpose and meaning to my life and learning about my soul's desire has been the most rewarding aspect of the services from Rhys + Rei. 


One of the greatest things that Courtney has given me is the confidence in my natural gifts and how I can use these for a more harmonious and balanced life. She has taught me so much about spirituality, meditation, chakras, journaling, and how my body and soul need to be given respect and love. Everything she has shared with me has led me to a deeper understanding and acceptance of not only who I am but the journey that I am on to my higher self. 


Rhys + Rei has been instrumental in everything I do today from interacting with family, friends, and the work that I do. Courtney has shown me that spirituality is multi-faceted and the effects can be seen in all aspects of our lives. I am forever grateful for finding Rhys + Rei. 

Erika S.

The Universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.