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all that is, ever was, and will be


Our readings deliver channeled messages from Spirit. Insights can come from your higher self, loved ones who have passed away, spirit guides (e.g., archangels, ascended masters, elemental spirits, deities), animals both Earth side and on the Rainbow Bridge, as well as lives and memories from previous incarnated lifetimes. 


Messages will come from those that you need to hear from most at this precise moment in your soul's journey to give you clarity into current life situations and prompt healing and closure.

During readings, messages will be channeled to either provide insight into whatever you are seeking to know or provide additional guidance and support within the context of an astrological reading or healing session.

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Readings show you a map of your stars and analyze your stardust. Interpretations reflect on how the elements of the cosmos collectively influence and add further depth to your life. Readings can provide insight into karma, power, destiny, life purpose, promoting deeper self-awareness and helping you remember who you are at a cosmic soul level.

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Readings channel messages from your higher self, loved ones, spirit guides, and/or past lives that you need to hear from most at this precise moment in your soul's journey. They can provide insight into current situations, promote clarity and healing, and deepen your connection with the Universe to achieve clear and loving guidance.




Readings involve remote, two-way communication with your furry friend. Sessions are structured to provide energetic healing as well as answer any questions you may have for your friend and share any messages your pet may have for you. Particularly helpful for animals displaying behavioral issues, struggling with chronic illness, and/or receiving palliative/hospice care. 

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When scheduling, you will be given the opportunity to share what specific questions you may be hoping to have answered. Note that, unfortunately, you cannot pick who you would like to "show up" during the reading as Spirit decides what energies need to come through based on relevance and importance. Messages will be channeled for an hour and, depending on your preference, we will either call you to discuss insights or provide you with a written report that you can reference.


The Sun, Moon and planets travel across the cosmos and zodiac constellations. Each exerts a specific energy and governs certain life areas. Understanding the planets and their placements within the zodiac constellations can highlight key aspects of your personality - validating what you may already know and revealing more hidden and complex intricacies of your nature - which can provide a new perspective, sense of validation, and greater confidence.


Past lives refer to previously incarnated lifetimes and they can help you understand what older, soul patterns might be present in this current lifetime. Reviewing cycles revealed through past lives can provide insight into key spiritual lessons, karmic relationships, as well as repeating themes from past incarnations so that you can better understand current experiences, heal old patterns, and thrive in your present reality.


Identifying past lives can be especially beneficial in understanding behaviors or issues (e.g., phobias, chronic pain, anxiety) that persist despite lifestyle changes and other treatment.  


Spirit Guides are considered universal energies that can assist us along our spiritual journey and through our current incarnation. 

While some have been with us throughout our entire soul journey, others are with us for key moments in our lives. Both offer guidance, support, and encouragement, gifting us with a greater sense of serenity, clarity, and positivity. 

By establishing a connection with your guides, you can begin to gain insight into current life issues, as well as receive clear, wise, loving, and universal guidance in all areas of life.

When I first met Emme, I was instantly warmed by her wise yet child-like spirit. Later, I was wowed by her ability to connect with my grandfather, grandmother, and great aunt on the other side in crystal clear detail. Emme was able to pick up on very specific information such as a family inside joke about “toast” as well as the fact that my grandmother was a twin. I was blown away! Every message of hope and healing was delivered with grace and ease. Her gold star intuitive abilities are matched by a genuinely compassionate spirit. It is apparent that her highest purpose is to bring healing messages from the other side to our own. Knowing that my loved ones are still with me is a priceless gift I feel honored to have received. A million stars to you, Emme!

Alison W.

Fragile Pampas

I am without form, without limit, beyond space, beyond time. I am everything, everything is in me. Everywhere am I.

Swami Rama Tirtha

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