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Sessions are individually tailored to facilitate healing across all areas – physical, mental, and emotional – to balance your body’s energy, promote deep relaxation, and improve health and well-being. An initial session is about 90 - 120 minutes; follow-up sessions are usually around 60 minutes depending on the amount of healing required.



Animal Reiki can reduce stress and relax nervous pets/animals. Sessions are especially helpful for animals who are recovering from injury/trauma or who have anxiety, fears, phobias or any other behavioral issues (e.g., separation anxiety, transportation issues, vet appointments). Sessions are typically 30 minutes.



Reiki energy can also be used to refresh and clear your home from any negative, unwanted, heavy, or stagnant energy. Clearings are designed to invigorate, bringing harmony, clarity, peace, and protection into your space. Sessions can last anywhere from 60 - 90 minutes depending on the size of your space.

*Package pricing available. Purchase 2 sessions and receive 10% off your total price.  Purchase 3 sessions at 15% off, and 4 sessions at 20% off. All packages expire 12 months from date of purchase. Packages may be shared with family and friends. Discount applied at checkout.


Reiki refers to the universal life energy that flows through all living beings.

People feel their best when their energy is strong and free flowing and experience symptoms of physical or emotional imbalances when energy is weakened or blocked. 


Reiki healers do not decide what to work on or where to heal; they simply serve as channels for pure Reiki energy to flow through them and into a client. Healers work with the divine energy as they assess, balance, and perform shamanic clearing of the chakras before sealing them with compassion and unconditional love.



Reiki (RAY-key) is a non-invasive, ancient Japanese healing therapy that supports and balances the body’s own innate healing energies, sparking profound transformation. Clients often report deep relaxation, enhanced energy, as well as improved health and well-being. 


Benefits of both Reiki and Animal Reiki may also include: 


  • Pain reduction

  • Reduced stress and anxiety 

  • Mental clarity and sense of grounding 

  • Enhanced immune function 

  • Removal of energetic blockages and negativity 

  • Sense of calmness and peace

  • Acknowledgement and processing of trauma, grief, fears, and phobias

While in-person Reiki sessions (60 - 90 minutes) are typically provided throughout the DC Metro Area, only distance Reiki (30 minutes) is currently being offered due to COVID-19. Please see our Reiki FAQs for more information about our processes.



Monthly, 7:30 ET; donation-based

Group Intuitive Healing combines soul and spirit to promote deep relaxation, clarity, inner peace, and profound healing. 


Sessions focus on working with both the full group and each individual in order to harness the power of group wisdom and amplify individual and collective healing processes.

During sessions, Courtney + Emme will channel and send Reiki to you, with the intention that your higher self, loved ones, spirit guides, and/or past lives will also reveal any messages you need to hear at this precise moment in your soul's journey. 


Additional spiritual practices, including tarot/oracle cards, crystal grids, and sound healing, are also intuitively added to best support you and amplify the healing process

All you need to do is be in a comfortable place free of distractions, and be open to receiving healing. Session insights will be emailed the following day.

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Other specialty series and workshops that combine Reiki with other spiritual modalities (e.g., yoga, sound healing) are also offered throughout the year, often aligning with seasonal or auspicious astrological events. Current offerings are below and are updated on a regular basis. Our full list of experiences can be found here.

  • Mar 9, 8-9:15p ET. Clear internal clutter + plant seeds of intention.

    Donate: Venmo/PayPal
  • Monthly. Restorative Yoga + Reiki Healing (1 hr).

    Donate: Venmo/PayPal


You will be asked to lie fully clothed on a treatment table. 


Reiki healers serve as channels for spiritual energy. Throughout the session, they will place their hands slightly above your body, following a series of intuitive hand placements and allowing the healing energy to enter your body to remove energetic blockages, balance your chakras, and promote profound healing and well-being.


Because Reiki helps the body “do what it needs to do,” some people may feel boosts of energy while others may feel more tired later in the day; both experiences are completely normal and are part of the body’s natural healing response.  You may also notice other changes (e.g., deeper sleep, improved mental clarity and decision-making, less anxiety) throughout the following week.

Please refer to our Reiki Aftercare Tips for more information.


Reiki sessions are individually tailored and typically include other modalities to best support you and what you need at this moment. We typically include aromatherapy to promote relaxation and crystal healing to accelerate and amplify the healing process. Intuitive guidance and any messages received from Spirit are also offered. 


The effects of Reiki are cumulative, and people typically have progressively deeper experiences as they continue treatment. Your practitioner may suggest a series of sessions. A total of four sessions is usually recommended; your healer will discuss a specific schedule based on your particular needs.



Overall, most people experience a state of deep relaxation during the session, however, everyone’s experience is different. Some report feeling sensations (e.g., warmth, cold, tingling, pulsing, shaking) over certain parts of their body or seeing different colors. Others experience emotional releases or feelings of floating in the air. Sometimes the session is relatively uneventful, though clients typically acknowledge feeling “better” than before.


Yes! Because Reiki is a universal energy that transcends both space and time, your experience will be the same, regardless if your session is provided in-person or remotely. 

All sessions are currently being offered remotely due to the COVID-19 crisis.


A variety of curated spiritual tools are available for purchase to assist with raising your vibrational energy and best support you in your journey towards spiritual growth and deeper awareness. All items designed to compliment our other offerings and are of the purest quality and highest frequency.

Browse our curated crystal collections and other items below.



Reiki energy can also be used to refresh and clear your home from any negative, unwanted, heavy, or stagnant energy to bring harmony, clarity, peace, and protection into the space. Clearings are designed to revitalize and invigorate your living space, promoting comfort and stimulating prosperity and success. 


These purifying techniques can be performed at any time for any reason, however, they are particularly helpful clearing residual energy that may remain in a new property, or negative or old energy from recent stressors and/or illness. 

We currently offer in-person Energy Clearings in the DC Metro Area as well as a Remote Cleansing Package that provides you with the tools, knowledge, and our support to cleanse your own space.

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This package provides you with both the tools, knowledge, and support to thoroughly bless, protect, and cleanse you own space.


You will receive:

  • Our REI Collection

  • 1 bundle of sage 

  • 1 hour-long interactive, live Zoom cleansing session

The live session will be guided by both Courtney and Emme and will offer the following:

  • Centering, guided meditation, and intention setting 

  • Overview and tutorial of cleansing ritual and tools

  • Walk through and cleansing of both indoor and immediate outdoor spaces to include:

    • Support and guidance as you carry out the cleansing ritual in each space

    • Treatment of each space with Reiki

    • Identification of any missed and/or “trouble” spots 

  • “Sealing” the house

  • Opportunity for optional brief discussion and Q+A

Note that this package focuses on empowering you to cleanse your own space. Please review our Energy Clearings if you prefer your space to be cleansed by either Courtney or Emme. 



In-person energy clearings are currently offered in the DC Metro Area. They can be performed with or without your presence, though if you choose to be present, we require that appropriate covid-19 safety procedures are followed. 


Sessions can last anywhere from 1 – 2 hours depending on the size of your space. During this time, Courtney or Emme will use a variety of spiritual tools to intuitively cleanse the space of any negative or stagnant energy, identity any "trouble" areas, and "seal" the space with love and intention. Areas will also be treated with Reiki.


Prices begin at $100; final pricing is determined based on the size and location of your space. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.

White Room

Courtney gave me Reiki and it was such a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. During our time together, I felt a calmness come over my whole body as I felt my body filling with a bright white light. I also had strep throat and felt as if my whole throat was being wrapped in a royal blue energetic hug - I felt instant relief. After our time had concluded, Courtney disclosed she felt the presence of a possible guide or spirit guide. She described her as a very elegant and serene woman standing peacefully in the room’s doorway during our session. Based on her description of the woman’s appearance and overall disposition, I believe this was my great grandmother, who I’d actually been thinking about just before our Reiki session. It was such a gift of validation to hear that she was with with me offering extra support to me and to Courtney. I’m forever grateful to Courtney for her spiritual work — she is a very gifted energy healer and a natural spiritual medium. I will definitely be seeing her again for more Reiki and other spiritual services.

Lucille D.

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.

Maya Angelou

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