The STABILITY Collection features a set of curated crystals chosen for their grounding qualities and ability to block, absorb, and transmute negative energy. Crystals promote balance, protection, security, and stability.


You will receive the following crystals:

  • Raw Lepidolite: stabilizes and soothes, promoting tranquility; clears blockages and dissipates negativity
  • Raw Labradorite: grounds spiritual energies into the physical body; blocks negative energy
  • Raw Moss Agate: promotes inner stability and clarity; comforts and releases fears
  • Raw Rhodonite: stimulates compassion and heals emotions/traumas; grounds spiritual practices
  • Raw Tourmaline: protects; transmutes negative energy to strengthen body and spirit


All crystals will be stored in a hand-stamped cotton bag, along with a brief information card.

The STABILITY Collection

  • Crystals in the image are a sample. You will receive a similar set of crystals that have been intuitively chosen for you. Crystals are 1-2 inches and vary in color, shape, and appearance; they are shown with a 5 x 3 tarot card for scale.