Rhys + Rei is founded on the principles of fire and passion (Rhys) and universal spirit and light (Rei).


The REI 2.0 is inspired by the cleansing and healing properties of spirit. Similar in intent to the Original REI, REI 2.0 includes additional protective crystals to support emotional, spiritual, and energetic cleansing; remove negative and stagnant energy, and; bring harmony, clarity, peace, and protection into your auric field and/or space. 


You will receive:

  • 3-4 inch Palo Santo Stick: clears negative energy from your space and invites positive energy
  • 7-10 inch Silver Pheasant Feather: uses the Spirit of the Bird to move energy through the auric body and guide smoke into the space you would like to cleanse
  • Abalone Shell: facilitates purification and serves as a bowl to collect cinders from smoke sticks
  • Raw Amethyst: protects against negative energy, diffusing any negativity into love
  • Raw Rhodonite: stimulates compassion and heals emotions/traumas; grounds spiritual practices, stabilizes emotions  

  • Raw Tiger’s Eye: release fear and anxiety; brings clarity and discernment 


By incorporating elements of water (abalone shell), air (smoke, feather), earth (Palo Santo), and fire (ignited Palo Santo), you can not only harness the power of all four elements, but also invite Mama Gaia’s transformative power into your sacred cleansing ritual


All items will be stored in a hand-stamped cotton bag, along with a brief information card.

The REI 2.0 Collection

  • All items vary slightly in color, shape, and appearance, but will be similar to the products displayed in the pictures.