Reiki is a non-invasive, ancient Japanese healing therapy that supports and balances the body’s own innate healing energies. 


Sessions combine soul and spirit to promote deep relaxation, clarity, inner peace, and profound healing.  During your session, Courtney and/or Emme will channel and send Reiki to you, with the intention that your higher self, loved ones, spirit guides, and/or past lives will also reveal any messages you need to hear at this precise moment in your soul's journey. 


Additional spiritual practices (e.g., crystals, tarot/oracle cards, sound healing) are also intuively added, as necessary, to best support you and amplify the healing process. 


Joint sessions in which both Courtney and Emme work together to faciliate your session are also available. 


In-person sessions include time for a short debrief; insights will be emailed following remote sessions.


  • Both in-person and distance sessions are offered; in-person sessions are currently only being offered by Emme in the DC Metro area.