Connect with past lives to understand what older, soul patterns might be present in this lifetime. Reviewing patterns revealed through past lives can provide insight into key spiritual lessons, karmic relationships, as well as repeating themes from past incarnations so that you can better understand current experiences, heal old cycles, and thrive in your present reality.


Understanding past lives can be especially beneficial in understanding behaviors or issues (e.g., phobias, chronic pain, anxiety) that continue to persist despite lifestyle changes and other treatment.  


Readings usually last between 30 to 60 minutes and include:

  • Comprehensive explanation of how your medium personally contacts Spirit
  • Shared meditation or moment of intentional silence between you and your medium
  • Description of a past life or lives, including specific scenes, events, and other people, as available
  • Brief discussion in which themes and messages from your past lifee/lives are related to your current life events


Note that this is not a formal past life regression, but rather a reading in which a description of past lives are relayed.  

Past Lives Reading

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