Reiki is a non-invasive, ancient Japanese healing therapy that supports and balances the body’s own innate healing energies.


Animal Reiki can reduce stress and relax nervous pets/animals. Sessions are especially helpful for animals who have experienced injury/trauma or who have anxiety, fears, phobias, or any other behavioral issues. 


During your pet's, Courtney or Emme will channel and send Reiki to your friend, with the intention that their higher self, loved ones, spirit guides, and/or past lives will also reveal any messages you need to hear.


Animal Communication is also available in which Courtney, in addition to facilicating Reiki healing, will also work with your animal to answer any questions you may have and share any messages that your pet may have for you. This is particularly helpful with animals who are displaying behavioral issues, struggling with chronic illness, and/or are receiving palliative/hospice care. 


Sessions last approximately 30 minutes. Insights will be emailed following the session. 

Animal Reiki

  • Given that some animals tend to prefer moving around or being alone, all sessions are remote to ensure your pet feels safe and comfortable. Because Reiki is a universal energy that transcends both space and time - your animal's experience will be the same, regardless of whether their session was provided in-person or remotely.