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We're All Stardust

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Do not feel lonely, the entire Universe is inside you. Stop acting so small. You are the Universe in ecstatic motion. - Rumi

I’ve been drawn to the stars for as long as I can remember. Looking up reminds me that we are stardust - that we are part of something bigger -that the entire Universe is not only out there, but that it is also, literally, within us.

Astrology studies the heavens and stars above to understand how they affect our lives here on Earth. 

Some types of astrology follow a more predictive approach, emphasizing predestination and fate and attempting to answer specific questions such as when you may receive a promotion or meet your future spouse.

I choose to study and follow a more choice-centered, soul-based approach that acknowledges our free will and our inner power. Although I can suggest timing for responses or life changes to optimize a particular outcome, it’s up to you to take action to manifest that result.

I believe that you control your destiny – you are not fated to the outcomes in your horoscope.

While I enjoy forecasting and creating horoscopes, I have a special interest in exploring the soul through birth, or natal, charts. Natal interpretations analyze your cosmic DNA and explore what’s in your stardust. They map the life you have chosen to incarnate into, highlighting overarching themes, areas of ease, and spaces that may require more work. They can also provide insight into past lives and what you're meant to achieve in this incarnation.

Natal charts confirm that you are so much more than just your Zodiac or Sun sign; like the Sun, the Moon and planets travel across the cosmos and zodiac constellations, each exerting specific energies and governing certain life areas. The planets and their placements within the constellations at the exact moment you were born can reveal key aspects of your personality, including what you may already know about yourself, as well as more hidden and complex intricacies of your nature.

Your chart can be a dynamic instrument in helping you remember who you are, clarifying you soul’s overall purpose and evolution, and promoting a deeper sense of self-awareness so that you can manifest your greatest desires.

In fact, my own spiritual journey culminated in an analysis of my natal chart which confirmed spiritual fulfillment, creativity, and self-expression were essential to my being. It gave me the validation to step out of the spiritual closet and live a more authentic, soul-based life; Rhys + Rei is a manifestation of these spiritual desires so engrained in my cosmic DNA.

The readings I give clients are designed to show you the map of your stars and help you remember who you are at a core level - at a soul level. They often include an intuitive interpretation of your planetary placements, guidance, and sometimes channeled messages from Spirit, so you, too, feel supported and empowered to live the profound, divine, and meaningful life you were born to live.

These readings can be powerful tools, but know, with absolute certainty, that you hold the true power to create your destiny. Nothing, not any astrologer, not any reading, not any person, can tell you who you are. Only you can validate your inner self and truth. Only you can judge the completeness and accuracy of the insights offered. Your natal chart is simply a means of inspiring you to further explore areas of your chart, accept what resonates with you, and decide how to assimilate newfound realizations into your world view and move forward.

You are more than you know. You are infinite. You are a piece of the Universe. Your soul knows this. It knows your truth. But, sometimes, it need helps remembering.

Let the stars be your guide. If you lose your way, look up. If you feel uncertain, look up. The map is there. There is a great force above us. Allow it to guide you. Allow it to remind you of your purpose and your destiny.

Flow with the Universe and the stars, but don’t let it define you – after all, there is an even greater force within you - there is magic –

there is the Universe.

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