Sagittarius Season: Embodying the Light

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Though the days grow shorter, the bright merriment and wonder of the holiday season renew our spirits and sense of optimism for the future. As autumn comes to an end and we welcome Sagittarius energy, we extend the warmth of friendly greetings and cheer, and gather around the fire with loved ones until Sagittarius season concludes with the Winter Solstice.

Scorpio season was a time of darkness, as we confronted our shadows and immersed ourselves in the hidden and mysterious aspects of our lives. As we shift into the season of Sagittarius, we emerge from the lessons of Scorpio illuminated by the light of Sagittarius’s fire, as we are reborn with a newfound sense of adventure and a sparked curiosity for the world within and around us.

Known as the archer and symbolized by the Centaur—half horse, half man—Sagittarius is a free-spirited stallion, but with the awakened consciousness of man, his mind fixed towards the cosmos and ever seeking.

Sagittarius craves revelations, always searching for answers to life’s burning questions and wonders. It wants not only to see, but also to truly understand the truth and wisdom behind the mysteries and shadows that were unveiled during Scorpio season.

Ruled by Jupiter, the benevolent planet of expansion, Sagittarius digs to uncover the deeper meanings of life. Why are we here? What are we experiencing? What is this existence?

Sagittarius embodies truth, philosophy, and religion, as well as travel, adventure, and higher education. Sagittarius explores the world around it, not only observing, but also actively participating in it, cracking jokes along the path, and finding humor in the journey.

This season is one of coming together and sharing stories of religion and philosophy as we prepare for the coming of winter and celebrate cherished moments and holidays with ones we hold dear. It is also a season of intensified unity, joy, and positivity. In fact, one of the higher goals that Sagittarius wants to achieve while incarnated on Earth is to inspire the collective consciousness to gain a deeper sense of unity. During this time, we may use our energy as an expression of trusting in the interconnectedness of all existence.

During this cosmic cycle through Sagittarius, we are prompted to ask ourselves more questions to reveal our clearest truths and most authentic essence.

How can we bring joy to others? How can we live as optimists, and inspire a sense of hope and possibility in others? Where can we initiate more play? What can we explore?

How can we create more expansion in the spaces we occupy— our spirits and energies and practices, our beliefs and intentions and thoughts, our bodies and homes and work environments?

Sagittarius shows us that by embodying our inner light, we can illuminate our reality. The flame within us can blaze with so much passion and power and purpose, that we brighten the existing light in others, and even spark the flames of those still in the dark.

Like the horse of the Centaur, run wild, untamed, and as free as the wind that swirls around you. And like the man of the Centaur, be awed at the vastness of the sky as you arch your gaze and your arrow toward the light of the stars that guide you.

Explore and adventure through body and mind as you create and spread light with the flame of your spirit.

Reach higher; burn brightly.

You are wildfire.

You are light.


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