Rise and Shine On: The Magic of a Morning Ritual

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

The pause before an inhale.

The quiet before the storm.

The peace before the action.

This is how I think of early mornings. I have always been a morning person, since I was a young child. My mom was the same and some of my first memories are of her coming into my room early each day, opening my blinds and singing a morning song she’d made up. She did this for all of us and while one of my sisters grumbled through it (being a natural night owl), I loved that we had a morning routine – a ritual to start each day with the intention of rising and shining with our hearts open and energy high.

I respect that not everyone wakes up full of energy but I have found that having a ritual to start my day and focus my energy is a wonderful way to practice some self-nurturing and to live more intentionally and attuned to my highest self.

Mystical Morning

To start, there is the beauty of the early morning itself. Regardless of if you are a morning person or not, there is no denying that there is something divine about those pre-dawn, early morning hours. There is a reason why artists and photographers talk about the “golden hour”, cinematographers talk about the “magic hour” – those minutes surrounding sunrise and sunset when the light itself is softer and the colors of the world change.

The world is quieter, muted, gentler. It’s as if you get to see the moon handing over the reins to the sun and experience a moment where their beauty and power combine for this special in-between time.

What better time than during this magic hour to greet your soul and stir your senses in preparation for the day ahead.

Sacred Spaces, Ritual Practices

Rituals are about intentions, taking moments of sensory, physical, mental, spiritual pleasure and contemplation to give you a touch point to both ground and energize you.

One of our yoga teachers, Ann, in talking about the beauty of personal rituals, said something along the lines of “I love rituals, they help remind me of how I want to exist in the world.”

Sacred spaces and rituals are beautiful ways to nurture and stay in touch with your deepest and divine self. But they don’t have to be reserved for churches, sanctuaries, studios, forests, oceans, special occasions, or gatherings – you can create them right within your home, right within yourself, and access them regularly by intentionally setting up a space and some routine practices that feed your spirit.

We invite you to honor your divine self by working a ritual – no matter how simple or complex – into your life more regularly. Some things to consider as you form your own ritual practice:

Time of day – Morning is a wonderful time to partake in rituals that are meaningful and fulfilling to you– a peaceful time when all aspects of your being are just stirring and you have the opportunity to set the tone for the day.

But if you are more of a night owl, consider a nighttime ritual instead.