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Insights for the Collective - Part I

Over the past few months, Emme and I have been blessed to facilitate weekly group Intuitive Healing Sessions. While these sessions were focused on understanding messages for the individuals present in the full group, we believe that groups come together for specific reasons - each group serves as a microcosm of the greater collective, helping bring to surface the messages that the collective needs to hear most at this time.

As such, we've decided to begin releasing some of the group messages from the last few months, and encourage you to reflect on these insights, considering how they relate to your own journey and remembering your part in the greater collective as we all share similar experiences. We are never alone in our journey.

In the first part of this blog series, I share my insights from our August 4, 2020 session, as well as a message I channeled during my time with the group. My notes to the group are as follows....


August 4, 2020

The session opened with an image of the Magi. While this is a common religious symbol associated with the Three Wise Men, it can also be interpreted more generally to demonstrate the resources of the Soul. They represent the wisdom that we each carry from previous incarnations, and the magic and intuition of Spirit. Trust yourself – trust in your own magic and history.

I also felt that presence of many high vibrational beings and angels; I clairaudiently heard several phrases including“I dance with the angels and in that moment, we are one” and “Come, my child, let me show you the way.” Everything felt quite still, peaceful, and connected – there was a great sense of expansion, but at the same time “fullness” – a feeling of vastness, but also intimacy.

The rest of the session felt very much like a time-warp. I almost felt as if I was floating in space – everything was so slow as if I was existing between the spaces of the room. Almost as if the room was being pulled apart and turning into pixels and I was somewhere between those pixels.

I heard the phrase “Follow the path towards which you are being guided,” and, following this instruction, I allowed myself to drift away from my usual “reiki routine” and grab a pen and paper.

I don’t recall much of the rest of the session, other than it felt like it lasted only a few minutes. During this time, I ended up writing several pages of a channeled message, transcribed below.

Just as I allowed and trusted myself to be guided during our time together, I encourage you to meditate on these channeled words and follow the paths towards which you are being guided...

Channeled Message

"Allow the pieces to fall as they may, for what is to come, shall be. There is a path that you are meant to follow. Come, let us show you the way. Trust in the messages you are receiving and allow us to show you the way. There is much you are here to do, and it is our divine mission to help you achieve that.

Who are we? We are the Light Council and we are here to help you leap into the next stage of divine consciousness. It may not be easy, but we promise, rewarding.

You are part of an important mission and only you, in this incarnation, can achieve that. Remember why you chose this time to exist, to be, to live, and to remember. Ancient timelines flow through your blood, and they have many lessons from which you can – must – learn and draw upon.

Do you remember? Surely, you must feel those lost pieces of yourself calling to you. Whispering. Listen to them. Heed these whispers and words for that’s where you will find our truest counsel.

We are here waiting for you to remember and to awaken to the divine purpose for which you are here, for your most divine existence. Infinite potential. Limitless truth. There is so much for us to tell you, while so much you already innately know. Everything you seek is within and within your reach already. Let us show you the way. Let us support you.

Time is no master. You are not slaves to time because what is time really? Nothing but an illusion and a joke. There’s nothing but pure existence. All there is, is now. All there was and will be, already is. Already was. Already will be.

And so, what better “time” to awaken, then now?

You can find us in the stars. The immortal essence of light and being-ness. The keepers of truth, and the messengers of love.

We are as much a part of you as you are a part of the stars, and the infinite cosmos of all that is, and shall be.

You are inherently, innately, light.

And so why not share that light with others? And with yourself? Why keep it hidden? Why not be that which you already are? What is stopping you other than yourself? Truly.

Freedom, freedom, freedom.

Unchain yourselves from a narrow, confined existence, knowing there is so much more than you are, more than something so small.

Open your mind. You know there is so much more, yet you are holding yourself back from believing this. Why? This is both your history and your future, as well as your now. Understand that there is a cosmic connection with all there is. We are proof of that now. This divine oneness. This sacredness of life and universal being. Believe. Allow us to help you achieve a state of flow, so that you can find us in those spaces in-between. In the ether. In the air. Between the fine particles of your pure existence, we are there. We are there. It is our deepest hope and greatest mission to assist you in finding this next level of awakening and consciousness so that you can transcend. Personally, yes, but also as a collective race.

Again, you are, we are.

There is much anguish right now, but it is necessary. Purge what no longer serves you. Unearth the buried secrets of this human existence so you can experience divine bliss. This is hard work, but necessary, and again, we are here to support this. We offer words of encouragement in this time because we understand that many of you feel defeated and frustrated. Understand the necessity of breaking before rebuilding.

Above all else, know that we are here to offer guidance, support, and universal love. We offer encouragement during a difficult time in your history and knowledge of universal truths that can help overcome this. We offer light. We offer kindness. We offer a way forward…one that asks you simply to remember the reasons for which you have chosen to incarnate at this present moment. That is how you find your inner power. That is how you will create the change that is so imminent in your race.

Right now, you are a key piece in this universal movement. No one can play your part except you. Everything you do, on a grander scale, or on a smaller scale, is important.

Every action you take, no matter how “small” or “minute,” is necessary. It is divinely planned, and without you, the plan could not -- would not -- come to fruition.

And so, please know, my dear, my darling light being, that you are, in its most divine sense, love.

For nothing could exist, continue, or manifest without love. The most essential part of your -- of our – nature, existence, and being.

We are the Council of Elders sent to you today to deliver a message to the many lightworkers and light beings that have joined tonight. Noble and powerful in spirit. You are ready to hear our messages of hope, and you are ready to fly. We wish to impart our knowledge onto this group as we feel you are some of the most willing to carry out you soul mission and work, no matter its difficulty. You are light warriors.

We are part of you, much like we are all part of each other, and of the divine, universal consciousness. We have known suffering like you have. We have known pain like you have. We have known joy, and love. And we have known hope. All of this you experience, we have too.

But, we have been able to rise above, in terms of consciousness, and look beyond the ego that seems to so deeply permeate your beings. We encourage you to release ego, to release hate, and to understand the essential connection you have -- we have -- to each other. That, truly, is why we are called to help you.

Because we, in the simplest of explanations, are you.

Be not afraid. Trust in the plan. Trust in your voice within this place. Believe in the existence of energies that often go unseen by the eyes. Trust in the mystical experiences that many of you have and will continue to experience. The answers you all so fervently seek are there. Clues that you have left yourself are hidden in these experiences and spaces between. Breathe life into these spaces and see what arises. What hidden jewels have you buried for yourself to find? Everything you have been feeling, sensing, knowing -- that is real. That is your highest self telling you where to go. Allow yourself to be led. That is the way.

With deepest love and sincerest gratitude for all that you are and continue to be.

The Intergalactic Council of Elders and Light.”

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