Insights for the Collective - Part I

Over the past few months, Emme and I have been blessed to facilitate weekly group Intuitive Healing Sessions. While these sessions were focused on understanding messages for the individuals present in the full group, we believe that groups come together for specific reasons - each group serves as a microcosm of the greater collective, helping bring to surface the messages that the collective needs to hear most at this time.

As such, we've decided to begin releasing some of the group messages from the last few months, and encourage you to reflect on these insights, considering how they relate to your own journey and remembering your part in the greater collective as we all share similar experiences. We are never alone in our journey.

In the first part of this blog series, I share my insights from our August 4, 2020 session, as well as a message I channeled during my time with the group. My notes to the group are as follows....

August 4, 2020

The session opened with an image of the Magi. While this is a common religious symbol associated with the Three Wise Men, it can also be interpreted more generally to demonstrate the resources of the Soul. They represent the wisdom that we each carry from previous incarnations, and the magic and intuition of Spirit. Trust yourself – trust in your own magic and history.

I also felt that presence of many high vibrational beings and angels; I clairaudiently heard several phrases including“I dance with the angels and in that moment, we are one” and “Come, my child, let me show you the way.” Everything felt quite still, peaceful, and connected – there was a great sense of expansion, but at the same time “fullness” – a feeling of vastness, but also intimacy.

The rest of the session felt very much like a time-warp. I almost felt as if I was floating in space – everything was so slow as if I was existing between the spaces of the room. Almost as if the room was being pulled apart and turning into pixels and I was somewhere between those pixels.

I heard the phrase “Follow the path towards which you are being guided,” and, following this instruction, I allowed myself to drift away from my usual “reiki routine” and grab a pen and paper.

I don’t recall much of the rest of the session, other than it felt like it lasted only a few minutes. During this time, I ended up writing several pages of a channeled message, transcribed below.

Just as I allowed and trusted myself to be guided during our time together, I encourage you to meditate on these channeled words and follow the paths towards which you are being guided...