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5 Ways to Attract Your Soul Group

The term soulmates, soul friends, kindred spirits, twin flames describe those with whom you share a soul connection - those who are part fo your soul group. These are significant relationships that transcend space and time and help your inner light burn brightly. They help us move forward in our soul's growth. Check out some of the ways that you can find your tribe below.

Love Yourself

In order to attract souls that are going to love and honor you for all that you have to offer, you must accept yourself fully. It is through loving ourselves that we attract others who have a deep sense of self-love, and it is through this self-love that we teach others how to love us. With this acceptance and understanding, you are sure to attract like-minded souls to your soul tribe and you will all walk the destined path of the Universe together.

Let Go of Your Ego

Leave behind the toxic mindset of competition and replace it with one of cooperation and cosmic collaboration, between others and between opposing parts of yourself. When you let go of your ego, reconnect with who you truly are on a soul level, as well as aaccept and love both your inner beauty and flaws, you're able to show up in your relationships with yourself and others, as the authentic you - which is beyond perfect.

Release Judgment

Let go of your perceived differences between you and others - remember there is no separation! When you acknowledge our innate connection to each other, you'll instantly feel closer and more intertwined with others. This makes it less intimidating to connect with and attract other souls that are vibrating at your same frequency so they can join you on your journey.

Set Your Intention

Ask that the Universe delivers the perfect Soul Group - the one that brings the most joy and inspiration into your life, and then sit back, relax, and wait. Trust that everything you ask the Universe for is already yours. Everything you can visualize for yourself, including the beautiful souls you want to surround yourself with, is already in your hands. The Universe is just waiting for you to align yourself on the path which can bring it to you.

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