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5 Signs of Enlightenment

Spiritual life coaching helps you identify or reconnect with your life’s meaning and purpose so you can envision and create the life you truly desire. Our sessions are designed to facilitate self-discovery as you unlock all that you have always been so that you can become all that you are meant to be.

Intuitive guidance and spiritual life coaching can help you live authentically as you journey towards deeper self-awareness and self-acceptance - towards your limitless potential - towards enlightenment. Our journey is never ending - below are some signs of reaching a state of spiritual awakening/enlightenment.

Love and Connection

You feel true love for all living beings. Acting from a place of love, you're able to show deep empathy, compassion, and understanding in all of your relationships and towards all beings. You are open-minded, and do not feel judgement or jealousy towards anyone. You feel a deep interconnection and oneness between all that is - so much so that you don't just feel you are unified with all things, but that you are all things. You recognize how your actions impact others and choose to live more ethically and responsibly.

Release of Attachment and Fears

You are able to identify and release what no longer serves you including toxic behaviors, relationships, and materials. You release fears, even that of death, as you trust the Universe is as it should be. You do not worry about the future, knowing that even painful circumstances serve a purpose and are part of a divine, higher plan - one that you planned before incarnating into your current life so that certain lessons could be learned.

Increased Presence

You are not concerned with the past or future; you don't think about "what ifs." Instead, you are focused on your present experience, which can lead to a sense of the expansiveness of time seems to slow down or disappear all together. You allow yourself to just "be." Rather than filling up time and space with constant activity, you seek moments of stillness and enjoy periods of dormancy during which you can turn inward. You are more aware of the inner landscape of your thoughts and more accepting of inner quietness.

Confidence and Authenticity

You are confident in who you are and you live your life authentically, regardless of how others may perceive you. You are not concerned with defining or identifying yourself. You don't feel the need to conform to cultural norms and ideals; you are not concerned with pleasing others, and you are able to know who you truly are and unapologetically be yourself. You are able to exist in a state of bliss in which you feel and know that all is well.

Aliveness in All Things

You begin to become aware of the spiritual force and energy that is around and within everything. You understand that all life is sacred, and the world seems brighter to you as you begin to see living beings and even objects radiate with aliveness and energy; you may become fascinated by nature, wanting to spend more time outdoors, and develop an aversion to negative people, behavior, and ideas. With this newfound awareness, you also feel a profound sense of appreciation and gratitude for all.

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