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5 Memorable Moments from Medium Readings

Updated: May 14, 2019

A medium bridges the gap between the spiritual and physical realms, acting as a channel for Spirit to deliver messages from those who have passed away to those still living. A medium communicates with Spirit by using non-physical senses, known as clairs.

The information received is meant to bring closure, promote healing, and provide validation that our loved ones are still with us. Glimpse into the magic behind the veil and read about some of Emme's most memorable readings below!

The Casino

I was at a casino with a group of friends when I suddenly had the strong urge to speak with the stranger standing beside me. I think the first thing I blurted out to him was, “Hey, so you just started therapy?” (It was a nice ice breaker, I definitely recommend.)

This man’s father had come through to me, telling me his son had just started therapy because he had gone through an awful breakup. Spirit told me specific details, including that hid son had moved to the area for the woman he had been dating, and they had been together for 3 years— his son thought he was going to marry this woman. 

This father was proud of his son because he himself had not had the capacity to seek out any type of therapy or guidance to assist him with his own mental health issues— which led him to commit suicide when his son was just ten years old. It was a short reading, but powerful nonetheless. 

What this man thought of as an admittance of failure, heartbreak, and feeling lost and embarrassed over his relationship ending and leading him to therapy, his father thought of as something to celebrate! 

Biggest Takeaway— Prioritize mental health. Everything starts in your mind, so make sure you’re taking care of yours. 

Pregnancy Prediction

I once gave a reading to a guy whose grandma came through to me. At the end of the reading, his grandma showed me herself holding an infant child, which I intuitively believed to signify an upcoming pregnancy within the client’s family. When I told my client, whose girlfriend was sitting next to him during the reading, both of their eyes lit up. He told me they had just had a pregnancy scare. 

This news didn’t sit right with me though… I told him that his grandma could be referencing this, but I strongly sensed she meant something else— that there would be a new soul coming into his family soon! He shook his head and told me no one was pregnant in his family that he knew of, but he did have a young toddler nephew, and perhaps his grandma was referring to him? Still, it didn’t sit right, and I insisted that there would be a pregnancy announcement. 

Two weeks after the reading, my client texted me that when he had gone home to celebrate the holidays with his family, his cousin announced she was expecting! 

Biggest Takeaway— Our ancestors are our guardian angels. The cousin’s baby would never meet my client’s grandma in the physical world, yet she was holding the baby’s soul in heaven. 

Man on the Run

One reading I will never forget was when I connected with a spirit who had passed tragically in her twenties. When I was in my pre-reading meditative trance, I asked Spirit to take me to the moment of her passing. I felt as I were driving in a car, followed by a feeling of anxiety and panic in my stomach. I then felt a buzzing energy around the upper left part of my skull, and saw an image of a gun. 

I asked Spirit to clarify the symbols to paint more of a cohesive story because I was having difficulty piecing it all together— everything seemed very fuzzy. She then showed me a scene of a man running. I told her at least twice more, “I still don’t understand how you actually passed… please show me more.” She simply showed me the man running each time, and that was it. 

When I relayed this information to my client— that at her moment of passing, the Spirit was in a car, having anxiety, and then there was a gunshot to the left side of her head, and a man running— my client told me that this girl had been on drugs at the time of her passing. This explained why nothing was presented in chronologically clear detail, and why everything seemed so fuzzy and scattered.

My client explained that the girl had been in a car, with her murderer, who then made her get out of the car, and shot her in the head… the murderer was still “on the run,” and police hadn’t identified or caught him yet. 

Biggest Takeaway I believe that from the other side, Spirit knew exactly where her murderer was hiding, but chose not to show me a location or tell me any information about where he could be, or even physical details of who he is. Sometimes, as humans, we want to have everything figured out. We want to finalize details and exercise justice, law, and order. We must remember that everything happens and is happening for a reason, and to trust in the universal timing of the karmic unfolding of all things, including unresolved murder cases, or circumstances that don’t seem fair. 


The second reading I ever gave still holds one of my favorite memories. I had met with another medium hoping she would mentor me by honing my ability, and teaching me how to “give a proper reading.” As we practiced, her grandfather came through to me with a very strong energy, but being new to the art of spirit speaking, I only interpreted a few points. 

After I told my client/medium mentor the information I received, she coached me to go deeper and ask for more— to ask for a symbol or sign that would really speak to her. I meditated for a few minutes, but received nothing. Then, just as I was getting frustrated with myself, an image of a piece of bread popped into my head. I didn’t receive any other intuitive message, but just simply saw this piece of bread. I smiled with embarrassment, and didn’t want to share, because obviously, a piece of bread couldn’t be the sign.

I begrudgingly told her, and she immediately burst into a smile, exclaiming, “oh, my gosh… that’s our family’s inside joke!” She went on to tell me that her grandfather had a love affair with butter, and she and her family members would often make jokes like, “Hey grandpa, would you like some toast with your butter?” 

Biggest Takeaway— Trust your instinct and don’t let your ego and fear of failure cause you be hard on yourself… and of course, the more butter the better. 

Young Souls Still Grow

I gave a reading to a sweet client who had lost her older sister, before the client was born. Her mother had a miscarriage. One of the most impactful things I learned during this reading was that souls who die before they were born into the physical world still grow on the other side! They also don’t experience any pain during their death, and their whole perspective on death is one of the most pure and innocent ways of accepting it. 

The spirit told me details about the client’s family, including that my client had all brothers. She also told me personality traits of the client’s mother, that she was bubbly and lively and chatty, and that she was just like her! Spirits who die before birth still have their own sense of personality, their own voice, and are very much like any other spirit who would have been able to grow into themselves as living humans. Spirit showed me the long hallway in their family home leading to the parents’ bedroom, and emphasized the word family, which the client confirmed hung as a statement art piece above their parents’ bed. Spirit also showed me different stages of herself, and as she grew, just like humans do, she talked more to me and could show me more symbols. 

Biggest Takeaway— For anyone who has experienced a miscarriage, please know that just because that soul did not get the chance to evolve on this Earth as a human, does not mean they don’t grow and evolve on a soul level on the other side. They are still very much a part of your family and life, and you will be able to be with them again. You may feel as if you didn’t get the chance to know them, but trust me, they know you.

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