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5 Major Areas of Our Astrological Birth Chart Readings

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

An Astrological Birth, or Natal, Chart is a snapshot of where the Sun, Moon, planets, and other celestial bodies were positioned at your exact moment of birth. Clients are given a 15+ page analysis of their chart that discusses the planets in their birth chart, the relationships formed between them, the significance behind their sign and House placements, and how this all contributes to their unique personality. Below are the 5 major areas included in each of our readings.

Planetary Placements

Each planet represents a basic instinct and energy. Zodiac signs represent the ways in which we express a planet’s energy and Houses represent the areas of life in which we will do so.

There are endless combinations of placements of planets within specific signs and houses. For example, when Rhys + Rei was created, Mercury was in Pisces in the 4th House. This experience would be different if it was in another sign/house or if there was a different planet here.

Our readings provide an in-depth explanation of the significance of these planetary placements as well a description of your Sun (core personality), Moon (instinctual/emotional nature), Rising/Ascendent (the self you show the world) and Descendent (preferences in partnerships/relationships) signs.

Lunar Nodes of Destiny

The Lunar Nodes are mathematical points based on the position of the Sun, Moon, and Earth at the time of birth. They represent your soul’s growth.

The South Node of Past Karma represents karma from past lifetimes that you’re meant to resolve, while your North Node of Future Destiny represents your next experience for soul growth or your soul’s mission. The South Node shows what you’ve already mastered, what you’re good at it - the North Node is the energy you’re meant to grow into and embrace to step into your greater potential.

Understanding these points can provide powerful insight into what you are meant to accomplish in this lifetime to further evolve spiritually.


Our readings focus on 3 asteroids than can give you insight into soul-level fears, fascinations, and desires and help you understand your soul’s true path.

Chiron the “Wounded Healer” reveals spiritual wounds - areas of hidden pain, fears, and difficulty from past lifetimes that may hold you back in your current life. It also represents your greatest spiritual strengths as you can overcome insecurities to help others resolve similar problems.

Vesta the “Devoted” can show what we’re most devoted to - so much so that we’d be willing to give everything up for this cause.

Pallas Athena the “Spiritual Awakening” symbolizes what brings magic to our lives and the types of things that give us a deeper understanding of our place within the Universe.


Readings also discuss significant aspects and patterns in your chart. These are represented by the lines in your chart and show how the planets relate to each other energetically, adding further depth to our personality.

Red lines are more challenging; this is where we are insecure and we may need to work a little harder to make adjustments. Blue lines are areas of ease where you have a natural affinity that brings potential for growth.

Aspects can also form patterns ranging from more common ones (T-square) to those that are especially rare (Mystic Rectangle, Grand Sextile). The patterns are significant as they can amplify the effects of all the aspects that form them.

Interpretation and Intuition

Your chart is meant to be a tool for you to further explore your cosmic DNA. Our readings are designed to give you both a basic understanding of astrology and a deeper awareness of who you are.

Each reading is unique; I typically meditate on what information you may need to hear the most so that the most pertinent information is included in each reading. Explanations, intuitive guidance, and sometimes channeled messages from Spirit, are also offered throughout so clients can confidently move forward with support and clarity.

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