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5 Lessons Learned from Spirits Who've Battled Mental Health Issues

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

As Mental Health Awareness Month comes to a close, we’d like to emphasize the importance of prioritizing mental health and well-being.

The world is shaped by those who struggle with a mental illness. They are the artists, the dreamers, the movers, the shakers, the seers, the feelers, the healers, the teachers. They challenge the conditional belief system, asking us to see the world differently and live in a space of safety, acceptance, compassion, and freedom. While some believe mental illness is a limitation or flaw, we choose to trust the divine plan, viewing it instead as a strength – as a superpower than enables us to elevate our collective consciousness and evolve as a society.

Prioritizing mental health issues is necessary for us to reach our full potential, however, living with a mental illness can weigh heavy on spirits who have taken on this responsibility.

Throughout Emme’s experience as a medium, she has connected with a handful of spirits who committed suicide, due to their mental health issues. Today, she will share 5 lessons she has learned from spirits who’ve battled mental health issues.


One of the first things these spirits have told me was that they wish they hadn’t gone through with it. Not only do they express regret, but also the desire to have sought out the help they truly needed, regardless of how hard it may have been to do so. They are apologetic and sorrowful, conveying that if they could do it all over again, they would choose to be more vulnerable and genuine about their realities, seek more guidance and support, and not end their life prematurely.

Freedom from Mental Health Problems

The mental health issues that led them to make their decisions are lifted from them on the other side. Although they are no longer suffering, they now feel the pain of the loved ones they left behind. Despite being free from their mental health problems, they wish they would have done more to address their issues while they were living in the physical world. From the other side, they can truly see and feel how much they were loved, and know the infinite bounds of support they would have been able to receive.


Spirits who interfere with their soul's plan by prematurely ending their lives are held accountable. They are not judged but are instead met with complete unconditional love and understanding by their spirit guides and ancestors. The genetics, traumas, and predestined causes for having mental health issues are fully assessed, worked through, and resolved on the other side. Although spirits are able to undergo this deep transformative healing and accept their decision, they must wait for their next incarnation for them to truly manifest what they’ve learned into tangible results and growth.

Continuation of Soul Work

They realize that mental health issues can be worked on and healed, and that suicide isn't a means of true escape. There is not, nor will there ever be any way to escape from life's hard lessons, negative feelings, or mental health problems because our true essence, which is love, can never die. Before a soul incarnates, they map out their next life in complete detail, noting what they need to learn and accomplish to further evolve. Ending their physical life on Earth doesn’t mean spirits are free from having to complete their soul work - the lessons they agreed to grow through upon their birth must still be learned, and they will be able to continue their soul’s education and evolution in their next life.

Life Review before Entering the Light

They are not eternally damned to Hell, but their souls haven’t reached their full maturities, wisdom, and spiritual potential because of the decision they made to end their lives prematurely. Upon their death, they enter a therapeutic waiting period in which they must closely examine the consequences their decisions had on others. They see their lives flash by them like movies and they acknowledge as well as appreciate all the good they experienced, despite their mental health issues. Death by suicide is never part of one's soul plan. Instead, it is an act of free will which affects their soul's karma. They will be given the chance to relive the same experiences and make better choices in their next life after fully completing this period of reflection in the spirit realm.

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